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Training & Diet

Two parts: one when training in Hillsboro and one when training in Iowa

6:00 AM - run for 30-45 minutes (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
6:45 AM - eat breakfast, take son to school, work on farm, miscellaneous errands
10:00 AM - eat a snack, good carbs and protein (NO SUGAR)
12:30 PM - eat lunch (usually a chicken breast sandwich and salad)
3:30 PM - take XYIENCE NOX-CG3
4:00 PM - lift weights, no more than 1 hr:

Monday - chest
(I hate chest workouts and if I don't start the week with chest I won’t do it)
Tuesday - back
Wednesday - might take the day off (lift saturday if I do), maybe arms
Thursday - shoulders
(always separate shoulders and chest as much as possible because they are both push muscles)
Friday - arms
Saturday - legs

1st: 15 reps
2nd: 10-12 reps
3rd: no more than 6
4th: 10-12

4 exercises per body part

5:00 PM - 30 minute run on treadmill, start at 6 mph and every five minutes go up 1/2 mile per hour
5:30 PM - stretch for 15-20 minutes after workouts
take Cytosport Musclemilk (my post-workout meal)

6:00 AM - run for 30-45 minutes (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
6:45 AM - eat breakfast
8:30 AM - arrive at the gym:
8:30-9:30 AM: lift for 1 hour
9:30 AM: work on light technique like grappling or hit pads, run on treadmill or go outside and run sprints
12:00 PM - eat lunch and take afternoon off
3:00 or 3:30 PM - have a snack
6:30 PM - practice:

Monday - sparring with takedowns
Tuesday - grappling
Wednesday - sparring (punches and kicks with 16 oz gloves and headgear)
Thursday - grappling
Friday - no practice (might go into gym to get a run in)

After workout I take Cytosport MuscleMilk.


I try and eat meals as if I was stranded on an island. In other words, I want all the nutrients my body needs to survive to come from the food and nothing extra.

scrambled eggs
oatmeal with honey
yogurt - usually with almonds (I try to have almonds as my fat source)

maybe leftover steak or chicken breasts

I try to get proteins and carbs from actual foods and not rely on shakes and bars.

Other Meals:
fish at least three times a week
lots of chicken: mainly chicken breast
try to stay away from red meat everyday
(Which is very hard for me because I love steak; I might have a steak maybe twice a week tops)
lots of coleslaw, broccoli, steamed vegetables.

I try to eat 6-7 small meals a day, I don't take the time to weigh my food or count my calories, I just eat sensible.

I don't take diet pills, either. To me diet pills solve the results not the problem. The problem is overeating and not enough exercise, the result is being overweight. I'm not a believer in diets that people can't follow, to me a diet should be a change of life. People should go on diets that they can follow for the rest of their life.