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Old 08-14-2012, 01:00 PM
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Default Jens Pulver nerds out

This is why this dude's awesome!

It's no secret we're huge Lil Evil fans, and it's not just because the dude has a Grand Marshal title in World of Warcraft. Well, that actually is a huge part of why we're fans of Jens Pulver. The Grand Marshal title is arguably more impressive than Jon Jones' crime fighting antics or Anthony Pettis' Showtime kick. Those are right place, right time scenarios compared to months of being a the top of the PVP leaderboards for World of Warcraft. It's no small feat, the Grand Marshal title, but Jens Pulver is one of the nastiest Rogues of all time and he will come out from the shadows, stun you and kill you without hesitation. Incredible.

During sound checks for Jens' upcoming ONE FC promo, the conversation naturally turned towards videogames and what we're playing right now. So I quickly grabbed my camera and carried on the conversation so we could share it with you guys. It starts with Diablo III and goes all over the place. Usually coming back around to World of Warcraft and his mage named 'Jeremy Horn'. Watch, it's awesome...And very, very nerdy.

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