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I bought a contingent of baby Zebra Finches about a week ago...they should never have been separated from their parents so soon, the pet shop was selling them whilst the beak were still black!!

I didnt know what I go because they all looked the same, they could feed themselves and just about fly...possibly about 5 weeks old when they shouldnt be available for sale before 8 weeks...but the owner breeded them by accident and dumped them on the shop willing to sell freebies at a price....as there is a shortage of finches...I bought four.

this second video is filmed a week later, and shows how they have settled in and have social interaction with the Canaries, who I hope will teach the three males to sing (something they usually learn from their father...one or two are babbling now) You can see the beaks are red, the male cheek patches are growing, and the flanks will no doubt soon follow

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