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Old 06-07-2012, 04:58 PM
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Default MMA trumps Zombie

My thoughts on the Miami Zombie situation are perfectly summed up in this photo. If you haven't heard, it's my understanding that the Miami Zombie was created out of some sort of designer hallucinogenic bath salts. Yep, the zombie uprising is happening because of bath salts, and don't be so naive as to think the Miami Zombie was an isolated incident. Within days of each other, equally horrific tales have popped up around America: a woman in Texas ate her three month old baby alive, then a man in New York threw his own intestines and flesh at police officers.

Something is going on.

Now people are coming forward discussing the Miami Zombie's angry past. It turns out 0-1 UFC veteran and ex pro boxer Melton Bowen knocked out the zombie in 2007 over musical knowledge. Here's a report from a local Miami news station:

In 2007, former heavyweight Melton Bowen encountered Rudy Eugene, who last week was gunned down by police after he savagely ate the face off homeless man Ronald Poppo. Bowen told 7News about the confrontation, saying it was over almost before it began after he knocked him out with one punch. He first met the Miami Cannibal at a flea market they were both working in in North Miami. Bowen said Eugene picked a fight with him over music and who knew more when they were working in side-by-side stores, not realizing who he had just picked a fight with. He said: 'I'm not scared of no one. He took his shirt off and came at me saying "I'm going to kill you!" 'What goes through my mind? I'm a fighter.' It was then the boxer delivered a right hook to the man and knocked him out.
If the zombie uprising is happening, check in on MiddleEasy, we can use it as a way to meet up and survive. If we work together I think we can rise from the ashes of our soon to be fallen world.

Read more about the Miami Zombie here and see a picture of the flea market he was knocked out at in 2007.
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Old 06-09-2012, 04:30 AM
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This is some crazy shyte.
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