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Default Computers know who will win the HW title...

I just found out Ridley Scott's upcoming 'Prometheus' movie is a prequel to his 1979 sci-fi blockbuster 'Alien.' Your mind just exploded. Now be sure to use a clean towel to wipe off all the brain matter and skull fragments from your wall. That stuff can get pretty sticky if left there for too long. Don't worry, your head will slowly reattach itself and you will be whole again. Nothing lasts forever, not even computers' reign over humanity in the next few years. Isaac Asimov wrote a basic doctrine of logic that, if implemented into every sentient machine, will prevent them from killing their human masters. However, Terminator's Skynet tells us that one day all machines will conspire against us, force an apocalypse on our civilization, and then will master the inner-secrets of time travel and send a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger to go back to 1984 and fight biker dudes. In perspective, the entire Terminator franchise is just a prequel to The Matrix. That's right, marinate on that idea for the rest of the afternoon.

FightMetric harnessed the power of non-violent computers to manifest 10,000 simulations of Frank Mir vs. Junior dos Santos and then broke each fight down by round of stoppage and method of victory. There, now you have even more reason to bet your entire June rent in hopes of making Anderson Silva money. Check out the results below.

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