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Default Once Jones stopped 'wild' partying & 'immature things,' problems with Evans started

From MMAMania.com:


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight number one contender, Rashad Evans, insists that reigning division champion, Jon Jones, is a fake and a fraud, with an image that will lead you to believe he's something he's not. After all, having a scandalous personal life is not an uncommon theme in the world of sports.

Just ask Tiger Woods.

"Bones," who will put his 205-pound strap on the line against "Suga" at UFC 145 this Saturday night (April 21, 2012) at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, tells media members at yesterday's pre-fight press conference (via MMA Interviews) he's no longer the "immature" party animal he was when they first started training together at Jackson's MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

"When I came to Jackson's, I don't think Rashad looked at me as someone that could ever compete with him. He welcomed me whole-heartedly, that's been well documented. He lies and says he never wanted me to be there. Maybe he did mention to Greg that he didn't think it was the best idea, who knows, but when he was there he treated me well and I treated him well. He definitely made me feel comfortable. I think where the real problem started, was when I realized I had an opportunity to do something and I really focused my life and focused my dedication to the sport. I used to go out and party and do a lot of immature things and I think that's what he's talking about when he says you guys don't know things about me. Yeah, I go out and drink every once in awhile, I'm 24. I think he looks at how wild I used to be as someone who could never compete with him or get on that level with him. Once he realized I dedicated my life to martial arts and completely changed my personal and my private life, I've changed a lot about my private life and he knows that, he knows that I'm not the kid I used to be, I think that's when the real problems came. He realized that 'okay this kid can really do something special here,' and that's when the problems really came."
Jones elaborates on his old (and new) lifestyle after the jump:

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