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Default UFC wooing Bellator's talent

When I was younger you could buy cheap bubblegum balls which came in packets of three. Two of the balls contained a sugary delight while the other contained salt. Yep, it tasted as bad as you imagine. My local store stopped selling these after a few months, no doubt because the front of the store was dotted with child sick due to the number of kids who had swallowed a teaspoonful of salt. If I was the manufacturer of such a bizarre product I’d have filled one with a sour powder instead, so that it was both a shock and edible. I’ll tell you something though, eating these balls one by one, not knowing which one would make you sick in front of your friends... The anticipation and fear was almost tangible. Now, imagine that salt filled bubblegum ball is Hector Lombard and the other two are the UFC’s middleweight division at present and you have an almost comprehensible analogy detailing the anticipation I feel at the news that Lombard has received a contract from the UFC.

Because of Bellator’s ‘champion’s clause’, Bjorn Rebney and co have the right to, for a period of time, look over and match the terms of any proposed contract for fighters who are leaving while a champion of the Chicago based promotion. Hector Lombard is still within this period and Rebney told Sherdog.com that his people are considering the contract that the UFC have offered in order to decide whether or not to match it.
“Out of respect for Hector, I think we will turn [the UFC contract] around very quickly. Obviously, we have a huge event coming up Friday. As soon as that is over, we will sit down with our partners and go through the UFC contract line-for-line and make a strategic decision whether we’re going to match it or pass. [If we pass, we will] wish him the best and let him go knock out everybody in the UFC.”
If Lombard signs with the UFC, I’m pretty sure we can expect him to face top ten opposition immediately. However I’d love to see the UFC bring Tim Kennedy over for Lombard with a ‘loser leaves town’ gimmick. You think about who matches up with Hector in the UFC middleweight division and I’ll go wash my mouth out. It feels horrible just from the memory of that disgusting bubblegum.
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