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Default Hog hunt this weekend.

Well, it started off like most hunts with dogs do. We turned the bay dogs out and they ran around the truck making thier usual messes and sniffing each other. Eventually our best dog, "Baby Girl", takes to the woods and the rest follow. We are all standing around talking and telling stories of the past week and one of the 2 younger guys checked the GPS tracking system to see what Baby Girl is doing. Hunter(that's the young man's name) tells us that she is at 450 yds and moving back and forth. Now, the only reason for her to be doing this would be if she was on a big hog that didn't want to bay. Well, we all take off on a brisk jog in her direction with the catch dogs on leads. When we get within 250 yds of her we can hear her barking. Hunter, who is the rightful owner of Baby Girl, says that she isnt bayed yet. He can tell because of the way she is barking. Suddenly the tone and pace of her barking changes and he says to bring only one of the catch dogs. (We would regret this descision shortly) Hunter and I run toward the bay and when we get within 15 yds, we notice that the hog is in a briar thicket that looks like a ball of green and brown yarn about 30 ft wide and 15 ft tall. I have Hunter's bulldog, Ringo, on lead and everyone around these parts knows that Ringo is one of the best. Hunter tells me to let him go and, IT'S ON! When Ringo spots the hog, the hog spots Ringo and they charge each other. It wasnt until right before the collision that we saw the boar and how massive he was. Now I'm not going to go into details because they are pretty nasty, but old Ringo didnt win that round. The boar runs about 50yds away and Baby Girl bays him in another briar patch.

Hunter and I look at one another and we both know that this isnt just any pig. This is what most hog hunters dream about. We carry our little buddy Ringo out to the trucks and doctor him up the best we can and decide that we are going to need more catch dogs. Hunter and I leave Ringo in the very good hands of Bradley, a long time friend, to be stitched up and cared for while we drove very quickly to one of our hunting buddy's houses to get more dogs.

Upon returning, they tell us that Ringo is going to make it but is probably retired from hunting. We ask about Baby Girl and they tell us that she still has the boar bayed in the same spot. We all start grabbing dogs and getting them dressed up in catch vests.(these are vests made for dogs. they are made like a bullet proof vest and usually use the same material) When all of the dogs are suited up and ready to go, we start heading toward the bay and as we get to where the dogs can hear and smell the action, it is hard to hold them. On Hunter's order, we let 4 BIG bulldogs go and they all hit the briars at the same time and with a fury that made us all think they knew they where doing this in honor of their injured leader, Ringo. When we heard all the dogs locked on, we made our way into the briars, being very careful because this is one big hog. When we get through the outer wall of thorns we see the huge pig and instinct and adrenaline take over and we all run to grab a back leg. Hunter and Bradley get a hold of one leg and Bradley's brother and myself are holding the other. We decide to flip him and try to hobble him.(hobbles are straps designed to go around the feet so the pig cant run or walk, but is still kept alive) Normally flipping or "throwing" a pig is as simple as lifting up his back legs and tuning them over so the pig fall to his side. This one would be different. After trying to thrown him the usual way Bradley hollers and asks Hunter if he can hold the leg alone. Hunter says yes and Bradley runs around to the side of the boar and makes sure that the dogs still had a good hold and then does his best Ray Lewis shoulder smash into the hog's shoulder. It was a scary move but it worked. Not missing a beat, Bradley jumps on the pig's side to hold him from getting any traction to get back up and the rest of us try to get the hobbles on. Hunter is working on getting the straps around a giant hoof while Me and Vince(Bradley's brother) are trying to hold the back legs. Now this needs to be put into perspective. I am not a big man, but I bench 300 and do one arm curls with the 60s for reps. I'm not the strongest guy in the woods but I'm not a wus. I cant hold this leg still to save my life. Vince finally stands on his other back leg to hold it in place and together we hobble the other back leg to the opposite front. When the boar realizes that he cant move those legs, he panics and begins thrashing around and nearly throws Bradley. When we finally get the other legs taken care of we pull the dogs off and inspect them and find only the usual minor cuts and scrapes.

It isnt until we tie the dogs up away from the pig that we hear Hunter say, "guys, look at this thing", that we stop and realize that we have caught the biggest boar that any of us have ever caught. If there was any energy left in any of us, we might have celebrated. Bradley and I cut a trail to a logging road about 100 yds away and drove the 4-wheeler in.(no way was I gonna drag this beast) We got him back to Bradley's and put him in the pen to feed him out for a few days and then eat him if he cleans out.(cleans out... nevermind, different story) We dropped all the dogs off and took Ringo to the vet and they said that he should be ok and that Bradley did a fine job with him. The word is already spreading around here about how Bradley, Hunter, and the preacher caught a monster this morning.
After all of this morning's activities, it feels good to get home, get a shower, read over my sermon for in the morning, and tell all of you about our adventure in south Louisiana. Now I know that some people will think that this kind of thing is wrong and cruel to the animals. You have the right to your opinions and I wont bad mouth you for them but I will ask that if you know of a better way to get rid of hogs, please let us know.

I will put some picks up soon. The hog is over 400lbs.
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