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Default Details for contributions to Normandy Veteran Appeal

Since the British Government and Ministry of Defence are incapable of getting 500 Elderly (over 80 YOA) Soldiers to the Normandy Beaches of France, to celebrate the world war two D-Day landings, on this, final year of the D-Day Veteran Associations life as an insitution (its closing, coz they are all too old...)

Wouldnt YOU like to help get an Officer back to the Battlefield?

Unlike The United States of American, and Canada, Britain plans on sending ZERO Governmental Ministers, and ZERO Veterans to the Beach in honour of the Sixty-Fifth anniversary...they arent even allowed to have a service of thanksgiving arranged at Westminster Abbey before their Institution closes.

So we do it without the British Government instead, and leave them for shame when President Barack Obama crosses an entire Ocean to attend the Memorial, and a German Entourage arrives from Berlin to pay its respects also...and the Unellected Prime Minister of the Labour Government cant be trouble to travel for TWO HOURS to attend

somewhere Sir Winston Churchill just turned in his grave

The Daily Mail are accepting Donations by Cheque

They are to be made out to "Overlord" and posted to

PO Box 5002
Department CHP
GU34 9BZ

If you live in America, you might find it more easy to go into your local branch of HSBC Bank Group...they will help with whatever donation you want, I dont think you have to have an account with them

The Bank Details are as follows for online banking, or bank interaction

Please make donations payable to


Account Number 91271628

Sort Code 40-14-21

Please help them. The British Government says it will pay for Veterans to attend the 100th Ann....Strangley enough...there wont be many takers for that, since we're only at 65, and there already PLUS 80!
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