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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Save Junie!

"Help! The Phuket police are after me!"

How do you pronounce that?
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County Mike
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Phuket ( /puːˈkɛt/; Thai: ภูเก็ต [pʰūː.kčt]), formerly known as Thalang (Tha-Laang) and, in Western sources, Junk Ceylon (a corruption of the Malay Tanjung Salang, i.e. "Cape Salang"),[2] is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand. Neighbouring provinces are (from north clockwise) Phang Nga and Krabi, but as Phuket is an island it has no land boundaries.

Phuket, which is approximately the size of Singapore, is Thailand’s largest island. The island is connected to mainland Thailand by two bridges. It is situated off the west coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. Phuket formerly derived its wealth from tin and rubber, and enjoyed a rich and colorful history. The island was on one of the major trading routes between India and China, and was frequently mentioned in foreign ship logs of Portuguese, French, Dutch and English traders. The region now derives much of its income from tourism.
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Miss Foxy
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As much as I don't like this idiot I hope he's ok.
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he'll be fine in a thai prison .. he'll get lots of loving from the local prisoners .. there are gonna be a lot of orders for the quarter chicken dinner, white meat ..
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UPDATE, still not found, but the US Embassy Warden on Phuket is advising Junie to turn himself in.


Denny Bowman has helped Americans in trouble in the past
Photo by phuketwan.com

Surrender Now, Phuket Fugitive Fighter Advised by US Warden

By Alan Morison and Chutima Sidasathian
Saturday, December 17, 2011

PHUKET: Fugitive American fighter Junie Allen ''The Lunatic'' Browning is being advised to make a telephone call for help, then to give himself up to Phuket police.

''Turn yourself in,'' American Embassy Warden on Phuket, Denny Bowman, said today. ''If someone who needs help on Phuket wants to contact me, I'd be happy to hear from them.''

Mr Browning, a celebrity in US fight circles, became the subject of a Phuket-wide police alert after brawling with staff and tourists at a local beachside bar then continuing the ruckus at a hospital before fleeing into the night on Sunday.

He is now reported to be concerned for his health on Phuket, quoted on one of several fight sites covering the saga as saying: ''These other primitive countries are all about money, mafia and corrupt law enforcement. I need help BAD! please call the US Embassy in my regards.''

Mr Bowman, a well-known American resident who has helped fellow Americans in distress in the past, volunteered today to help Mr Browning negotiate his surrender to authorities.

''In Thailand, it's best to turn yourself in,'' Mr Bowman said. ''The justice process usually looks more kindly on those who have surrendered. Penalties are usually reduced, too.''

Potential charges against Mr Browning are not known at this stage but he has been accused of striking several people at the bar and in Patong Hospital and is likely to face claims for medical treatment and damages.

''I have helped several people to deal with these kinds of issues in the past,'' Mr Bowman said today.

''We could even help to arrange for Junie to have an attorney with him when he visits a police station.''

An alert for Mr Browning extends to Phuket International Airport and border crossings out of Thailand. Police think he is probably laying low on Phuket, waiting for a more opportune moment to leave the country.

''Getting caught usually is not a good option,'' Mr Bowman said. ''Much better to surrender on Phuket and to have others involved to secure your safety.''

Versions of what transpired at the bar and in the hospital differ greatly. Mr Browning's female companion rejected suggestions that he struck her, adding her version of events on Facebook:

''The Thai government is so corrupt! For anyone out there that knows the story about what is going on with Junie Browning, it is not true!

''When two men get into an argument it should stay between them. 15 guys jumped on top of Junie and smashed his head in with glass bottles and beer mugs. I had to throw myself on top of his body while he gargled blood and they continued to kick him. Then even after he lay unconscious some Thai girl stabs him!!!

''If you know me then you know I would not make this up. I was there from start to finish.

''Then you take all the guys from the brawl into the same room in the hospital? What do you expect to happen? Listen, this is not the USA this is Thailand. The country revolves around money and the mafia DOES exist.

''When you get a phone call saying that there is a price on your boyfriends head and if they find you they will kill you too just to get to him you run.

''Junie Allen Browning did nothing but fight for his life and try to protect me. All the media and mma forums like to talk **** because it makes a good story. Get a clue!

''You like to sit on your couch at home and watch the discovery channel and think you know what it is like around the world? That's retarded! No women were involved in the fight and Junie did nothing that wasn't provoked.''

An American taken into custody by Phuket police earlier this year claimed he was handcuffed to a chair and beaten by five or six men, but a medical examination several days later could not substantiate his claim.

In Mr Browning's case, Phuket US Embassy Warden Denny Bowman is standing by, ready to help. His telephone number: 089 9733483.
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He talked to mmaweeoly.com on Sunday

Former UFC lightweight Junie Browning is in hiding in fear for his life after an altercation in Thailand that left the 26-year-old fighter with multiple injuries. Injured and scared overseas, Browning is in seclusion, calling for help from the U.S. Embassy to get him back home.

Browning was involved in a bar fight on Dec. 12 in Phuket, Thailand. Reports quickly surfaced that Browning was a fugitive on the run being sought after by local authorities. Browning challenged those claims to MMAWeekly.com on Sunday.

“I was in fact the victim in this case, and it is important I am able to tell my side of the story and provide you with pictures and evidence to support it. There was an attempt to end my life and I am begging for help from the U.S. Embassy.”

The initial reports alleged that Browning fled the hospital before police arrive, but Browning provided photo evidence•that disputes those claims.

Recalling what he could from the night in question, Browning tells a different tale than was originally reported by media outlets.

“Sunday night, we arrived at a small bar in Karon with two other females, one of which was friends with the owner. It happened to be the owner of the bar’s birthday, Simon Wilson Menzies. So he was surrounded by a group of 12-15 of his closest friends who had been drinking in celebration previous to our arrival. My girlfriend and I had a few drinks, and seeing we didn’t know anyone, had decided to leave to go home. We had contacted a cab and he was on his way to meet us. He would call when he arrived. A discussion via text message with one of the girls I had arrived with resulted in MJ Castro and Simon Menzies confronting me in the street,” recalled Browning.

“MJ was screaming and swinging her hands in front of my face. I do not know why she was mad. Nothing that I had said involved her or her friends whatsoever. I assumed she was mad that we were leaving the party because we were on our way out to meet our cab. Without any notice I found myself in a physical altercation with Simon in the street.”

Browning quickly realized he was over-matched and out-numbered.

“I could tell from the moment he stepped in front of me, he was looking for a fight. At this point, it just involved me and Simon, my girlfriend standing next to us. In only a few seconds, my girlfriend was thrown across the street and I had been hit from behind in the back of the head by a glass beer bottle. I stood up looking for my attacker and found myself surrounded by a mob of people.

“It was no longer a man on man ‘bar brawl’ but a fight for my survival. I was trying to defend myself in the street when at some point I fell back to the ground. They drug me back into the bar where they pummeled me with punches and kicks. It was me against everyone. For a second time I received a mass blow over the head with a thick glass mug that split my head open and made me fall to the floor. I curled up in the fetal position, submissive, and I continued to be kicked and hit. My arms up covering my face I felt a slice to my forearm and another stab to my neck,” Browning told MMAWeekly.com.

Browning appeared on the eighth installment of The Ultimate Fighter reality series on Spike TV. He immediately became the bad boy of the season with his antics.

He was released by the organization in 2009. On Oct. 6, 2009, Browning was arrested and accused of assaulting three nurses in a Henderson, Nevada, hospital following a possible suicide attempt.

The altercation in Thailand also spilled over from the bar to the hospital, but the situations were drastically different, according to the Kentucky native.

“They began to assess my wounds and stitch up the three large gashes on my head. Without any consideration to my safety or the events that had just occurred, they placed both Menzies, accompanied by MJ Castro, and the man who had attacked me with a mug, in the beds right beside me. Needless to say, I became furious and again words were exchanged. As it escalated a second time into a physical fight… Security and Patong Police arrived and restrained all parties. I was taken into the waiting lobby on a stretcher in handcuffs in front of numerous people to finish giving me medical attention,” recounted Browning.

“At no point was I rude or uncooperative with either the medical staff or the police. Taken into consideration the severity of my wounds and my demeanor and my girlfriend’s statement, the police officer removed my handcuffs. We were told by the officer that we should stay the night in the hospital to have my head monitored and would be able to go home with no charges the next morning. It was obvious to him that I was the victim.”

Following the second altercation at the hospital, Browning began to fear for his life.

“My intentions were to file a police report in the morning and deal with this in a civil manner. Hours later, my phone began to ring with numerous reliable sources stating that we were not safe and we needed to leave now! They said that local Thais and mafia had a price on my head and were headed to the hospital and both my girlfriend and my life were at risk. We were told to trust or talk to no one and to just leave. We are aware that the mafia is a real thing and took this very seriously. We panicked and decided that our best option was to escape in the middle of the night and hope we could make it home,” he said.

“My girlfriend pulled out my IV and jumped a fence to find a taxi to come pick me up. When one arrived, I jumped in and we headed home to pack. Two friends came banging on the door, which we didn’t answer for fear of who it might be. They continued to bang on the windows until we realized who it was. We do not want to mention their names to protect them from being associated with the situation and any harm that may come to them. They said there was no time, that I needed to hide. They even mentioned that if my girlfriend was found, they would kill or harm her in attempt to find me,” he added.

On the advice of friends familiar with Thailand, Browning fled the country. He refuses to disclose his current location and•pleads the U.S. Embassy for cooperation to get him home.

Wounded and on the run, Browning is concerned about the severity of his injuries.

“To this point I have been unable to seek the medical attention that I desperately need. My vision in my right eye is impaired; I am in severe pain; I am going through fainting and dizzy spells, and have severe head trauma,“ said Browning.

“All we are asking for is help from people we can trust which brings us here now. We are victims of a viscous assault and attempt on our lives. We are seeking the assistance of the U.S. Embassy and want to