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Originally Posted by Crisco View Post
They are just confirming the unlikeliness of the events to all occur without his intervention.
Thats a key point to seeing GOD move in the natural world IMHO...its not the event...its the likelyhood of the event at just the correct time frame, Coincidences, statistical impossibilities...I cant really explain it very well...its like when too much has occured for it to be natural...and yet all that has happened is natural...its the silly amount of natural things that happen in precisely a beneficial order...its as if nature is following a plan, its as if natural seiries of events occure with a kind of almost malice in that it sometimes feels like a controlling factor

I see it happen in my life quite a lot...whenever I do, I put it down to GOD moving...if I am wrong...then I'm sure he wont mind taking the credit for the possibility

Its funny coz sometimes its almost superstitious..I dont think its irrational...I actually think that you can fall into tune with looking at the natural world and seeing GOD move through it...if we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses and its just a dark veil or mirror like blurr that separates us...then it must be something that we can begin to see...and hear...

When you start to understand that your thought life is influenced by demonic whispers, you start to understand why Christ spoke about looking lustfully being a form of adultory. Think about the ammount of people whoi become convinced of lies by supposedly their own mind and descend into depression or other mental ill health.

Once you realize that this isnt knowledge contained in a book...but something that can be experienced first hand...its obvious why the Bible is described as a "Living Word"

GOD isnt a Christian Magician...Christians almost dislike the thought of any biblical miracle having any basis in the temporal realm at all...somehow they feel it limits GOD, but thats because they dont have the faith to see that the Truth cant be distroyed, the Truth is never in danger from exploration. It also nicely keeps GOD at arms length, trapped in a mystical cloud or booming voice...Not in an angelic whisper within your thought life that says "your sister wanted that but couldnt afford it...why dont you get it for her" Thats boring and ordinary, Christian Charity...nothing to do with GOD...but GOD is personal...and therefore if you listen he will talk direct to you and name suggestion and send along novel ideas...but you have to be open to allowing your whole belief about what is reality to change...and that can be frightening...we are at war and there are forces that dont want you to be a weapon against them...so you can expect retaliation...and you can see it in the same way...the little lies that your mind sometimes feeds you which are taken for truth but unfounded.

I have come to almost believe that there is next to NO Self-Talk within your mind that begins within your mind. I believe that most of your initial thoughts begin as whispers outside you...and its your mind that works upon them, or works through them and talks it out.

Everything suddenly got a tad deep there...and no I cant support that with scripture...I would hope someone in a relationship with GOD would learn to understand somethings simply by experience...after all what convinces me that I am correct in the above was the reaction of the Demonic when I decided to believe it and live by it as a principle, and the subsequent demonstration by GOD of how that kind of opposition can be neutralized very easily by His presence.

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Old 12-10-2011, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I wont bother expounding on the questions you pose lest I incure yet more of your Holier-then-thou wrath.
Okay, I hurt your feelings, so now you are responding to my post to tell me that you are going to retaliate by not responding to my post? Very mature, Dave.
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