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Default UK Parliament prepares for the 160th Session

The UK Parliament Generally doesnt count its Sessions, or if it does, it counts the Sessions of a Particular Government.

Up until This year all British Governments have run for Three years or less. They are soon to run for fixed five year terms. In each Government every Year is marked as a Session, and begins after the summer break in November with a State Openning of Parliament.

Well Recess ended on Monday so Parliament is ready to open for the next session.

Now Sessions began when Permanent Governments sat, which happened after the English Civil War, but they were not marked by State Opening Events...so the first true session of Parliament as we understand it today happened when Parliament sat constantly in WestMinster Palace (as opposed to Westminster Hall) That happened after a fire and reconstruction of the Palace in 1852.

So Roughly speaking, for arguments sake, although in a General Ellection year the Session ends in May not November, and doesnt end til the following November. The UK Government is about at 160 Session

Anyway...they met for Prime Ministers Question time...I love prime ministers questions because it shows a good example of exactly how the British Government works. We have existed to long to sit quietly and be nice to one another...we heckle and we laugh and we jeer and we generally make sure that the party in power is allowed to be fully grilled by the parties that are not in power.

This time they are arguing about the unemployment. The Opposition say that the Austerity Budgit is raising high unemployment. The Government responds by saying that the mess was made first by their party in Government and that to backtrack will lead us to be a eurozone troubled country. They then start saying that the other cant even unify their parties so how can they unify the country....



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