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Chris F
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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
No I'm not.

You said all languages were derived from four base languages...

I asked you to list the names of the four Languages.

If you dont know them say so...but its silly to volunteer something into a discussion when you cant back that up.

I was genuinely interested because ive never heard of it before...but your refusal to write the four names just makes me think its something you've made up

I wasnt asking for detailed knowledge...I was asking for you to list the four base languages you claimed exist...even if its only one theory out of a billion....that doesnt matter.

Dave I said that is what is said. I never once said I agreed with it. I believe the Bible is clear and all truth. Linguist are the one who like to cloud the issue with fancy theories and thought of this or that. The bible said it I believe period. I trust it before any PhD. I think you were so eager for a debate you construed it in your mind man. I offered an explanation that is taught never said this was what I thought. If you notice in my first post I quickly made it know that this was made cleer by the bible in the tower of babel. I am sorry if you thought I said something else.
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