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Old 09-08-2011, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Crisco View Post
If I knew the boys father I would do my best to avoid doing anything and let Mark handle it. Not out of fear but out of respect I'm not scared of anyone whether they can beat me or not. And I'm pretty darn Mark Hughes would never allow his son to grow up a brat.

Random 16 year old punk in my face acting wild.. Might have to crack him in the jaw and damn who his father is because he deserves an ass whooping too for raising a little like this and he's welcome to my backyard too.

Who are you to decide what another man's child deserves? How many kids have you raised?

Not trying to grandstand and sound like a tough guy or anything I just think people are just plain disrespectful and a good beating is in order for unruly folks... Do you feel this way for all unruly people or just children? Is it only people who talk disrespectful that you feel need a beating? Or are you just enforcer of mouthy children? I personly could never ever catch myself disrespecting another man in his own home regardless of the situation. I think I'm pretty mild... The bible once told us to have the whole village stone the disobedient child.

Seriously? The child should be stoned simply for disobedience? You need to read that again. AND the parents brought the child to the village and asked for help, did they not?

The bible also says if thy hand offends thee, cut it off. How many hands do you have? Do you still have eyes, Cris?

Cris, you can't be the one to judge what punishment someone may or may not need/deserve. If you want to use the bible to back up your stance then how are you picking and choosing which justice you are dishing out and which ones you are ignoring?

You don't have to answer, Cris. I know you are a good God loving person with a good heart. I have felt the same as you in the past. These are just things I think anyone should consider before deciding if you are actually doing God's will by assaulting a child.
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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Just thinking about a grown man smacking my child makes my blood boil.
Ok I really don't agree with what this man did. He beat up this kid. If we knew for sure what was said and it was just opened hand pop to the mouth I may feel different. And while I do think 16 year olds are "kids" I lean towards thinking that at 16 if you want to act like a grown man by getting in the face of someone who actually is a grown man, well sort of are asking for it. If I had not seen so many darn disrespectful kids maybe I would feel different. But we have teenagers all around us who had a piss poor up bringing and now the normal adults in society have to not only deal with them as disrespectful teens but as inmates in training.

I know it is hard to say how I would deal with things until they occur but I would hope if this was my child my course of action would be two fold. 1.) Confront the adult. 2.) Tell my kid if he wasn't acting stupid none of this would have happened.