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Default My Bank Holiday Trip to Ripley

Ripley is a small villiage outside Harrogate to the North side, its half way between here and the City of Ripon. There isnt much in Ripley, a cricket ground where they sometimes host a car boot sale, a nice market street called "weeping cross" an old Church and a Castle...which is not ruined, and still lived in by the Family.

Ripley is famous for its icecreams but it was too cold for that when I went with my Nan on bank holiday monday last week for an excusion.

Ripley Castle is 700 years old, and from its creation it has been in the family known as Ingilby...they still live there to this day! The Ingilbys were given the Castle when in 1308 they married into a family known as thwenge and as a Wedding Gift along with the Bride came the Castle. Before that, the family which can be traced back to the Norman Invasion of the 1000s were substantial landowners in Lincolnshire owning the village of Saxilby which is in north lincolnshire. rather near to where I was born!

Anyway, Mr Ingilby was known as a Justice Advisor in the Court of the Crown and the village grew up around the Castle when the small hamletts in that area were abandoned following the bubonic plague. Whats left of them gathered around the Castle and built their dwellings creating "Ripley"

The Ingilbys continued in the Royal Courts for more then Five Generations, they extended their lands by marrying into other lines with other estates, and indeed, other Castles. the sixth Ingilby out of Ripley was an Ambassidor to The Holy See of Pope Innocent (he was the Grandfather of Henry 8th) Many of the Ingilbys ended up in Holy Orders to avoid the politics of getting to close for to long to the Kings who had a habit of executing people.

Sir William Ingilby who was in league with King Henry 8th but married a Roman Catholic had an awful problem when his two sons, Francis and David, were leaders of Roman Catholic Rebels out of Ripon. William gave up Ripley Castle and sought safety for a time at Knaresborough Castle, before he led the troops back and regained Ripley. His Son in Law was executed. Francis Ingilby was Hung Drawn and Quartered at York, and David Ingilby escaped, but would later return and be implicated in a plot to remove Elizabeth 1st. He escaped again and died in Exhile on the continent. The Ingilbys were also implicated as being 9 out of 11 of the major conspiritors behind the gun powder plot The Barony survived when the direct heir was aquited of Treason

Never the less, always in the service of Royalty, the Ingilbys were on the Royalist side of the battle during the Civil War. When Cromwell won the battle for the north, The Direct Heir of Ingilby who had been fighting in the battle was hidden by his Sister. Cromwell approached the Castle, and she told him to Bogg off. They negotiated, and she let him in. Whereupon she held him at gunpoint for the entire night. Apparently he was so shocked by such ferfour from a woman, that he stayed the night and upon morning he left her, and the castle un touched

In 1660 the same year as the Restoration of the Monarchy, the Castle was taken by rebels supported by some members of the family who were not the direct heir. The true linage was subverted for an entire Century and the Castle was a complete and utter state. Rebuilding works occured in the late 1770s but they cost so much the family couldnt move in for a decade coz they had to pay their debts first!

an Ingilby was a Member of Parliament on the Traditionlist side during the Monarchic Revolution. Now they live a quite life in the Castle, but use it not just as a tourist attraction, but as a conference centre and a wedding reception venue...

Here are some pictures I took


Here is the music video for my visit


Here is me and my nan in the courtyard


Here is me and my nan wandering through the Red Woods


I hope you enjoy
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