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Default Sergei Kharitonov: "Prison Is The Best Place For Aleks Emelianenko"


ValeTudo.ru: What can you say concerning loud statements about you made by Alexander Emelianenko?

When I read his interview I laughed out loud. Although he is 30 years old and that’s certainly not the reason for laughter. Firstly, for guys like Alex I am not Serezha but Sergei Valeryevich. Secondly, it’s about time for him to learn how to compress thoughts and, above all, to think before he speaks. He didn’t get a proper upbringing, I guess, but I don’t want to go deeper in it – he doesn’t deserve so much honor. He is a great trash-talker but real fighters prove their strength in the ring.

Alex is a drunker, he is always brawling. Normal man like me or Fedor would never drink to alcoholic mania and fight in the street. But I often hear about Alex getting into scrape like this in different corners of our country. He rampages, harasses the waitresses and other girls, lies, cries on every corner that he is a champion of the world and the strongest man on Earth. I guess, this is some kind of a drug effect.

ValeTudo.ru : How did you met Alexander?

I came to Stariy Oskol to Fedor. Drunken Alex met me there. When taxi driver took us to the place Alex swatted his shoulder, said: “You drove the good people, thank you” and didn’t want to pay him. I wanted to pay by myself but Alex didn’t let me to do it. He asked me not to tell Fedor about it so I just went away, didn’t want to look at it. After that case I realized what kind of man he was.

ValeTudo.ru : Is it true that he is not allowed to fight abroad because of medical condition? The rumors are...

All organizations in the world know about his hepatitis C and nobody wants to have business with him. He has drunk himself into this disease. He is drug addicted alcoholic and criminal. All his disrespectful remarks to the athletes are just a bull••••. How can he fight with hepatitis? Nobody gonna take him to any tournament. He lies that he hasn’t been to prison but it’s not true, he has.

ValeTudo.ru: What do you know about his business today?

I know that for the present moment Alex doesn’t have neither house nor home. He has spend everything on drink. He doesn’t have a flat, doesn’t have a car. And the only way to make some money for him is to give a scandalous interview and to attract some