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Default Help for Plantar Warts?

My youngest has TWO on her big toe. We are going to the foot doc on Friday to get them treated. We have been down this road before so I know they will get better..........BUT

how do you guys who train in bare feet prevent them? She dances modern and that means bare feet in the studio. They are exceptionally clean there but the girls still get them from time to time.

What should I have Corrine do to prevent them? I know she should wash her feet as soon as she gets home, but sometimes classes last a few hours and then she doesn't have a chance to wash her feet until the end of the day.

Should I give her some antibacterial wipes to use?

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that is a tough problem. plantar warts and the treatment for them is pretty painful. you have to consider the fact that your daughter could spread these to others as much as preventing her from getting them again. plantar's warts are a strain of the HPV virus. it is not terribly contagious, but if one often goes barefoot in a public place and has abrasions on their feet from dancing, then the virus can get in. your daughter will quit getting them when her immune system begins to recognise this strain of hpv and keeps it at bay. I understand that modern dance is all about bare feet. however, can that be modified to allow for some kind of foot covering in practice? nylon footies or something? if not, then consider having everyone who has plantar's warts wear a bandaid (or more practically) coband wrap over the warts to cut down on spread. wash