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Old 07-17-2011, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Sorry but I wholeheartedly disagree with that. Tell that to any man trying to defend himself from false abuse or molestation charges, or to any man who is trying to gain custody of his children after a divorce and you will see how wrong that comment is.

All a woman needs to do is accuse a man of abusing her and he's essentially treated as guilty even when there is no evidence. I've known male teachers who were falsely accused of molesting their female students. The girls make up the charges because they know that they will stick regardless of whether there is evidence or not. Even if the charges get dismissed, the male teachers are essentially marked for life. I've also had friends who were accused or rape or abuse when they were innocent and it took years to live down the stigma.
Originally Posted by Silverback View Post
Have to agree with Nate on that one, all it takes is the woman to say that, and you are in big trouble, case in point, the town I grew up in a girl got caught in something she started and cried rape, she let this lie go for quite some time, the 2 guys told the truth, they was looked at like their skin was falling off, and got beat up, bad, more then a few times, had to leave town. Everyone close to what happen knew the truth, only after a girlfriend of the girl told the right people did the girl tell the truth. But the damage was already done.
I can't argue with either of you about that because it does happen and it's a terrible thing. I've agreed with you before on this, Nate, and I think there should be harsh consequences for people who make these types of false accusations because of the irreparable harm it does. It really is terrible because the accuser is really the offender and the accused, the victim. Also, in cases where women falsely accuse, they do a terrible injustice to those women who truly are the victims of rape. However, that still doesn't make my statement any less true...it's still a man's world and that includes our justice system.

The comment you quoted was about two things: 1) women who are already victims of their husbands and boyfriends who are then victimized again by a system that fails to protect them, and that includes male judges that make horrendous decisions that end either in the woman being horribly injured (lots of times disfigured), or dead; and 2) women who are serving life with no possibility of parole because the law and courts failed to protect them from their abusers.

Injustice is injustice whether done to a man or a woman, but I feel women as a whole have gotten the shorter end of the stick when it comes to justice.

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