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Default WW2 Italian Kings fight AGAINST Mussollini

Apparantly King Victor Emmanuel III had no quarms with WW1...In an attempt to prevent Italy going to war, the Prime Minister was ousted, but the King refused to allow Parliament to get away with it and made the Prime Minister stay To appease the people he personally took part in the combat and in the medical caring of the injured. It worked.

But it was the first world war and the depression afterwards the allowed Mussollini to rise. Mussollini made a march on Rome with his fascists. The Government wanted to employ martial law, but the King refused because he doubted the ability to enforce...instead he engaged with Mussollini and then appointed him Prime Minister...The King seemed to let him get away with Murder, and when he was ready to tern his premiership into a Dictatorship he told the Parliament that he was only responsible to The King...and that they could shove that in their pipe and smoke it

The King kept quiet because he was frightened of civil war. This was a mistake he could never undo, and it killed his whole Linage

His only order throughout the twenty years appeared to be the decision to grant the Vatican freedom from Italian Rule alltogether. The Pope became head of State in the new Country, a City within the City of Rome

Italy began some small pre world war two collonializations in Africa, and it gave the King more crowns and titles, but the people hated him for it. Infact he survived two assasination attempts for these pre WW2 posturing, mostly coodinated by Mussollini of course. They entered the second world war with Hitler, but as Hitlers March across Europe went well, Italy didnt have much luck trying to go south into Africa.

Mussollini had set up a Grand Council of Fascism to replace the Parliament. They made a vote of no confidence in Mussollini on July 24th 1943. On the twenty fifth, Mussollini was summoned to the Palace, given the sack by the King, and then locked up immediately

By September he announced his defection. The Germans were pissed and ripped through the Bulkans and entered the north of Italy. Sooo the King dissmissed his Government and went to the south. Italy effectively became two countries, the North under Mussollini who the Germans released, and the South with the Italian King who had defected.

Thankfully before the Germans could crush the south the war was over.

The furious Italian people under the new Government decided to do a referendum on whether to keep the Monarchy or move to become a full Republic. The threat of doing that made Victor Abdicate and his Son became the next King

His Son reigned thirty four days before the Monarchy was abolished.

He was Exiled to Portugal.

When he died in 1983 none of the Italian Officials even went to his Funneral. Talk about holding the sins of the father against the sons!
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