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Just had a phonecall....There is a large possibility that the Grooms Mother will be too sick to attend the Wedding Service...Therefore...a wedding photographer, who is just taking snaps...suddenly wont do

Can I please bring tripod and video ENTIRE service

I said no

I Kid...I Kid

Soooo now I have to Collect my wedding attire from my Parents mid week, and charge my second battery for the camera, and probably buy a third, and charge that...and clear my entire banks of memory cards...deliver my attire to my Nans at 5.30 on Friday...be at the church for the rehersal...which is now VERY important at 6pm...then go for their evening doo...

then the next day, its up to my Nans to prepare and take photos of the extended family getting ready, get ready myself, and get a taxi to Mothers, to record the bridal parties preparations, but leave by taxi for the church BEFORE the official photographer arrives...get as many photos and videos of peoples arrivals and wellwishes as possible...then sit on the front row, somehow record the entrance...then record the wedding, stopping every fifteen mins so that the files arent too big to upload...and changing the tripod so that it looks at the lectern in time for the reading...the reading that I am doing you understand...then back down and change the tripod again for the rest of the service.

then be part of the official wedding photos myself and then by bus to Allerton, and as much footage there as possible of the reception, include full recording of all three speeches

then off by bus to the hotel...and do all the normal videos there, and my weekly blog...then up for breakfast with the new family the day after, drop our hire attire back in the shop in town, then off to my other sisters for the rest of the day

Monday...they leave for their honey moon...and I have less then two weeks to produce the official wedding video...and prepare for the trip to Canterbury for the second family wedding, and my visit to London in Early July

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