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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
yeah .. but diaz fans forget to mention that nick couldn't finish noons who had a broken jaw in the first round .. and i think a broken hand ... finishes are over rated .. both gsp and diaz had those fights won and their opponents weren't pushing things to win, so they just did what they were doing and won the fight ..

I would not agree that a finish is over rated.. to have a fight stopped due to a cut.. "eh.. ok".... To have a fight stopped due to GnP.. that shows that the winner.. was in control.. no doubt...

a KO.. well.. few things beat a KO finish. A KO speaks for it's self...

A submission.. now that is art!

To have a fight be decided.. "ok.. power shot vs peppering shot".. take downs vs getting back to the feet.. sub attempt vs an escape.. just means.. pretty damn equal.. and what is worth more.. people have different ideas.. but when a fight is finished.. 98% of the time.. there is little to argue about...

"He won that fight!!! He made him tap!!!"
"No he didn't.. he didn't tap!"
"What?? Did you not see him hitting the mat like Thumper from Bambi???"
"No I wasn't looking"
"Did you not hear the ref.. 'due to submisison/strikes whatever'..??"
"No I didn't.. there was a tear in my beer."

See those conversations do not happen.
It is because you chose to get on the mat that makes you the winner. Think about how many people are not on that mat right now. - Luis Sucuri Togno
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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
Nope didn't forget that.. But one was so far back that .. IMO.. not a factor.. and the second.. well.. everyone has the "good day/bad day"..

I will be looking to do something just like that really soon. (betting on the fight... real betting.. not a wager amongest friends.. that's.. !gosh! illegal)

Nate named him "the one eyed man" in the spoliers for UFC 124 ( I think that was the thread).. and the damage to the one eye was in the first round.. at least to the point where he wasn't seeing out of it.. DEFINATELY within the first minute of the second.. NO WAY Koz could see out of that eye.. so to leave a LOT of "wiggle room".. for 3 full rounds... GSP couldn't finish a one eyed man in a fight.

Again.. I have become a Koz fan.. (hated his 'tude on TUF).. and I am a GSP fan..
Explain to me how finishing Matt is less relevant than not finishing Jason Miller...lol...the Miller fight was almost 3 years before GSP/Hughes 2....
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