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Default Matt Hamill issues statement explaining celebration

"I want to say "Thank You" to all my friends and family who made their way to Columbus to support me. It was an experience like never before. I'm still new to the sport with UFC 96 being the 10th fight of my entire life. I've never had a knockout before and it really sent an adrenaline rush through me. I felt the roar of the crowd from my fingers to my toes!

I would like to wish Mark Munoz all the best. He came out strong and he had me very concerned going into this fight. Mark has a world class team around him and it showed in his performance and preparation for the fight. Mark is an excellent fighter and a total class act. I believe he will have a bright future in the sport and this is certainly not the last we will hear from "The Filipino Wrecking Machine"!

He just got caught and it could have just as easily been me. That's the way it goes in this sport, anyone can beat anyone because anything can happen. I want to thank Mark's manager Mike Roberts and his Trainer Mike "Joker" Guymon for their kind words and support following the fight and the criticism I faced about my celebration.

As I tried to explain in the Post Fight Press Conference. I meant no disrespect to Mark or his camp. I was caught up in the moment and have never felt the crowd react like that before. I feel vibrations when a crowd roars like that and it got me pumped. When I say it feels like bubbles in water, I mean like a hot tub! Get in a hot tub with the bubbles off and then turn them on, see if you feel a difference. That's what it's like for me.

Also, many people wonder how someone who is deaf can move to the beat of a