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Default Pope Benedict in Westminster Hall, Abbey, Cathedral

Three different places...dont need three different threads.

Last Year His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI Visited the United Kingdom on a State Visit. He was presented first to Parliament, by the Speakers of The Commons and Lords, assembled in the Ancient Throne Room, which is Westminster Hall (the Government dont meet in the Throne Room anymore...for obvious reasons...I dont think they have been their much since the time between the English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution.)

Benedict doesnt look very impressed with what Speaker Bercow has to say.


Westminster Abbey is an Anglican Cathedral of Sorts...its Bishop, so to speak, is non other then Her Majesty the Queen, for it is "A Royal Pecculiar"
Please note...Westminster Abbey is ANGLICAN...it is Protestant, Church of England....I VERY much doubt many of the Popes since the Reformation have ever stept over the threshold of this building. Why they invited him to Westminster Abbey I dont know, because He is Roman Catholic...and Westminster Abbey is the Seat of the Monarch as Defender of The Faith (against Catholicism, and everything HE stands for!)


Westminster Cathedral...is the Highest Cathedral in The Realm of England that belongs to The Roman Catholic Church...its not really in Westminster, its in Victoria, but nevermind. It is the Seat of the British Cardinal. So obviously Benedict would visit and preside over Mass at the Cathedral...which...from the inside looks always incomplete to me, the ceiling is painted black...and I have a fear of sitting in the nave for fright that the HUGE crucifix that is about ten feet tall, and suspended by increadibly rusty chains high above the head of the nave...and rocks backwards and forwards with the wind...might one day fall out of the sky.


Notice he speaks in Latin...well...He's brought that BACK...its pre Vatican Two...and he's trying to force all Catholic Churches to use it using the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith...remember...since Vatican Two, the Roman Seminaries have NOT TAUGHT LATIN...many of their Priest right now cant speak any more Latin then I can...the bear minimum...and now they must learn THE ENTIRE Mass thats why ONLY Benedict sounds confident...although even his pronunciation of some of the Latin isnt brilliant to be honnest (he sounds a tad to Italian LOL)...if you want to hear what perfect Latin sounds like...listen to the pronunciation of THIS

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7BbncHyw9E See the pronunciation of "Fructus" sounds like "Fruktwrwis" and then to say "Ventris" in the same manner right after..."Fruktwrwis Ventwrwis" it just sounds...so nice Notice "Ancilla" is "anchila" Nuntiavit "Nunziavit" NOT Nun-TI-A-Vit...Nun-ZIA-Vit She speaks it so nicely...thats what Latin is supposed to sound like Mariae...is "Mar-EE-ah-ay"...and dont even get me started on her amazing diction at an extraordinary tempo during the chant at the end of the prayer...alll those complex words, said quickly, and perfectly.

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