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Default How John-Paul came to terms with his assasin from 1981

it was before I was born...but Pope John Paul...who is very much in the public eye again despite having been dead for more then half a decade due to his beautification this month...was subject to a failed assassination attempt during one of his public audiences.

He was travling around in his lil truck when someone from out of the crowds of thousands shot at him, at quite close range. He was only hit once and had to undergo immediate emergency sergery for five hours before he was stabilized.

He claims that the aim was correct, but the time was wrong, coz it happened on a Feast Day of a Saint that he held in particularly high regard.

This Video shows how he came to peace with what happened...and the attacker, who he visited in prison


it also shows the Present Pope, before he was ellected, speaking as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Head of the Doctrine for The Congregation of The Faith (The Inquisition)
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