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Default The Worst Volcanic disastor in History (and it biblical purpose)

When GOD commanded that the House of Israel be free from Egyption Rule...and Pharoe said no...Something devistating happened

Forty time as powerful as Hiroshima, Ten times more power then Mount Sinat Helens, Three times louder then Krakatoa, and the destruction of an entire Meditarnean Civilization.

The Minoans, a small civilization that was spread across the little islands in the Med as an offshoot of a Civilization called Phonecia (the predescessor of Rome) Received the Wrath of GOD in the month that Egypt refused GODs will.

It began with earthquakes, and the smoking of an old Volcano on a small island called Thera. This Eruption was special because two different types of Volcanic material would meet at the Caldera.

This Caldera was under Mount Santorini on the coast of Thera, not far away from Crete. This Mountain started to burp and let of smoke quite some time before it actually went bang completely. At this point there was no reason to believe the Volcano was going to go off, just grumble a bit. The warning signs appeared in the Land Mass to the south, where a large River Delta entered the same ocean. Along this river something very strange was happening.

Pharoe had refused to release the House of Israel, and as punishment GOD did something nasty to the water supply. The Bible indicates that the water turned to blood, and that the Nile began to pong massively.

When a Volcano lets out chemicals and gas before an explosions, other water sources close by have been known to turn red. This is supposedly because of a special type of algae, which appears in abundance, and feeds of the chemicals. I dont know if these chemicals were known to the Egyptians, or if they, living along the nile just had a good knowledge of plant life, but Pharoe got his Magicians to replicate a body of water and to turn it into blood also.

When you get an algea bloom, you also get a bloom of those things that live off the algae, shortly there after in Egypt, whilst Santorini is still smoking away, frogs begin to appear, and they are everywhere.. Such a boom wouldnt last long, for frogs in vast numbers can eat vast amounst of algae, and when the food source is gone, the ecosystem collapses. Moses let Pharoe choose the time for the Frogs to die...his magicians created frogs out of their water also. Pharoe considered letter Israel depart...but changed his mind.

Shortly thereafter an infestation of lice occured. I suppose with a nation of dead frogs one expects that little maggots will quickly begin to populate, and other insects appear in vast numbers right away.

If you have ever gone fishing with live bait, you might have had a shock out how fast your maggots turn into flies if you dont use them up fast enough, you might also like to know that heat (an egytian sun for example) will speed up this process. Egypt went on to have a problem with blue bottles...and I can tell you from experience...that just ONE dead animal half the size of a cat, can produce more then two thousand flies in less then 6 hours in quite a chilly climate (I had a pigeon die in my chimney flue one summer...the first time I knew was when I woke up and the flies were everywhere...I fummingated the place, and counted the lil bodies...they kept coming back to I sealed the fireplace...it was horrible...I woke up to them...all over the place )

little things attract bigger things, small pests attract larger pests...being that this was a nationwide problem, the size of the issue is magnified...is it any wonder that people started to be unwell. well maybe not...but what I find EXTREMELY interesting is what GOD commands Moses to do for this sign to take place.

He tells them to reach into a fire grate, and to throw the ash from the grate into the air. ...and with that one suspects Santorini blew her lid

The Caldera of Santorini was much to small for the size of the eruption, meaning in the first phase of the eruption all the shyte was channeled through a small outlet. This meant the pressure was high, and all the shyte went up, rather then down the sides of the Mountain and onto the cities on the Island. Its estimated the plume went Eight Miles High...and the Lava cooled whilst still in the air...meaning when it fell to earth it was a mixture of pummice stone (a light little substance one uses to rub corns off ones feet now) ....and Ice...The further from the volcano, the less the pumice, the greater the level of Ice.

GOD tells Israel to take cover as the hail begins to fall out south on Egypt from the Med.

The fall out on Egypt distroys the crops, splitting and knocking off all the heads of the blooming flowers and the likes. Did you know that this exposure will send clouds of scent into the air...you know like that smell of a freshly cut lawn...this means FOOD, and in north africa, there is but one pest, willing to travel across the deserts to reach a fresh supply of food. (I found a dessicated Locust in a bunch of grapes onces...the poor thing was surverely dehydrated...the grapes were unharmed.)

They say that what goes up, must come down...and whilst the Therans are running for cover, the shyte going out of Santorini is dropping down on Egypt, and one thing this dust and shyte does well, is to block out sunlight. shortly after hail, darkness descends on Eygpt. Pharoe tells Moses he doesnt want to speak to him anymore.

Phase two of the Eruption happen...ive quite forgotten the technical name of this action, but it occures when the side of a caldera collapses during an eruption. The result is an audible pressure wave which is strong enough to burst ear drums of the entire population of the city. It also makes the crator much wider, that unfortunately makes the pressure in the coloumn much less, and when this happens, the volcano stops sending material up (and thereby dropping it on Egypt) and instead the shyte goes rolling down the mountain.

I'm afraid Thera went the same way as pompeii...its called a Pyroclaustic flow, and it instantly vaporises anything in its path...incidently the broken Caldera is now letting in water from the ocean, and when that hits the magma it becomes steam...and when that happens...we get phase three...

meanwhile in Egypt, overnight a great deal has happened, including the release of a lot of gas in the ocean, and thereby the rivers that flow into that ocean. this has been documented elsewhere on the planet, that bodies of water near an eruption site moments before a big bang, tend to release a noxious gas, this gas is low level, so its dense, it also disperses quite quick...it does mean that if you happen to sleep on the ground floor of a nearby dwelling, that you might not wake up the next day. Egyptian first born males, they sleep on the ground floor, its tradition in ancient egypt....its unfortunate if you happen to be the heir to the Egyptian throne though isnt it...and this curse kind pushes Pharoe over the edge, and he lets Israel go.

The next bit is interesting. When Israel get to the coast of the Red Sea, GOD tells them to do nothing, to camp and await. Why would he do that? they are running because the Egyptians are after them...Pharoe decides he cant live with them, but he cant live without them either.

GOD makes them wait, and wait...until the Egyptian army are along the coast also...infact they are so close, the pillar of fire that led them to the red sea, moves behind them so the Egyptian Army cant physically get to Israel...and they remain like that GOD standing between the two peoples for the whole night. Presumably The Egyptians didnt think to go around the pillar...or maybe everytime they tried the pillar moved to block them...we may never know...the Bible doesnt give details like that.

...and finally...sometime during that night...when GOD stood between Egyptian and Israelite on the coast of the Red Sea, Santorini Phase three occured. That cold sea water, touched that hot magma, and in an instant the Island was gone, and the vast central proportion of the minoan civilization litterally vanished into the ether...A GREAT displacement had occured...Think 2005 style Tsunami...more then 60 feet high....the first signs of a Tsunami apart from wind are a receeding water line...and Moses stretched out his hand and all the Israelites darted through the absence of water.

but be warned the water receeds to build the wave

noone told pharoe that.
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fascinating read Dave

how come Pharoah didn't just kill Moses?

Please consider England in your prayers!

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