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Default Was Jake Shields intentionally trying to poke Georges St. Pierre in the eyes?


Here is an article I read a bit ago that bugs me.. wondering what you think...

I do not fight professional MMA... I did 3 "back yard fights" a few years ago... It was dumb... stupid.. and I do not recommend it... if I find someone fighting in "back yard fights".. I read them the riot act...just for clarification..

I do fight in karate tournaments... I have been hurt.. and one time KTFO'ed (after a really rough shot... the guy then round house kicks me to the face).... when I was brought around.. my instructor TOLD ME.. ok.. your done...in another tourny a few months later.. I blocked a kick badly... and really hurt my wrist.. I knew it wasn't broken... but DAMN it HURT!!!.. my same instructor.. basically said .. "suck it up... you beat this guy and you have the state championship... "....

I kept on.. I won.. not easily.. but I did win.. Later it was confirmed that I had a sprained wrist....

Life altering injury?? No.. but my point is...

Shouldn't your coach/trainer.... be pushing you to not quit?? If they believe you are ok... My instructor.. knows me better than I do in some cases.. he has seen me be a baby when hurt.. and seen me really hurt. If he tells me to get my arse up... and keep going... I do.. I trust him...

The writer here. seems to think that Jackson shouldn't have done pretty much the same.... What do you think??



Here is the conversation that occurred between St. Pierre and Greg Jackson after the former went to his corner following the second round.

St. Pierre - "I can't see with my left eye."

Jackson - "It doesn't matter. You've got one eye, it's fine. Listen to me, Georges. Ignore that, you've got one eye, you're fine. Look at me. You're fine. You can see me, you can see the punches. Now listen. Relax, calm down, find your center."
Reading that again is almost sickening.

Here is this world-renowned trainer, who is supposed to have his fighters best interests at heart, and he's literally telling him it's no big deal that he can't see out of one of his eyes.

Uh ... what?

The lack of outrage, or even the calls for some sort of explanation for this, is dumbfounding.

What should have taken place, was a doctor needed to come inside the Octagon and give a thorough examination of GSP to make sure he was fit to continue fighting. And if he was being truly forthcoming in that he had almost no vision in one of his eyes, then the fight should have been stopped.

And we would have a new welterweight champion.

That's because the title would have changed hands due to doctor stoppage, despite the fact the damage was caused by an illegal infraction on the part of the challenger.

Had Shields been called for a foul, the way he should have been, and the doctors would have deemed St. Pierre unfit to continue, as they should have, the belt would not have changed hands.

What a mess.

Yet, no one is being held responsible for these grievous oversights.

And now on we go to the big one and one that has recently been given quite a bit of play on message boards and forums all over the Internet.

Was Jake Shields intentionally trying to poke Georges St. Pierre in the eyes?
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Old 05-08-2011, 04:52 AM
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was Jake intentionally trying to poke GSP in the eye your asking ?

it looked that way to me but that doesn't mean thats actually what happened....i will give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

besides...the only one that knows for sure is Jake,and if he did do it on purpose i'm
sure he isn't about to tell anyone.
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Old 05-08-2011, 06:02 AM
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1. Greg Jackson was right.
2. Geno Mrosko, the author of the article, needs to see if his marbles are still in his sack.
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Old 05-08-2011, 06:33 AM
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Okay that's it, I'm going to watch it right now and see for myself this "poke". If he did get poked why didn't Georges signal to the ref right after it happened and indicate he had been poked in the eye like I've see Matt do and others do? If Georges had told the ref he couldn't see, the ref could have called the doc into the octagon like they did for Hominick and check his eye. Why make Jackson responsible? I think it should have been Georges call ultimately since it's his eye and he's the one fighting. If he didn't make it, which he didn't, so be it...the fight continues.

It does raise your eyebrows that Jackson didn't even blink when Georges told him "I can't see" because of what could happen with the fight and also possibly more damage to his eye.

I'm assuming Georges can see again.
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You get poked and punched in the eye all the time, its not uncommon at all.

You corners job is to help you gameplan on the fly, get your mind back into the game, Gsp had an injury and his corner helped him through it, just like they did when he pulled his groin.

The guy who wrote this should go find a cliff..
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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
2. Geno Mrosko, the author of the article, needs to see if his marbles are still in his sack.
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