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Originally Posted by BamaGrits84 View Post
Since I didn't have to sign any disclosure documents I'll spill some info. I worked for mass torts (mainly medical like drugs and artifical knee problems). Each case would have a code used to track ALL expenses. To use the copy machine you had to enter a code and clients are charged 10 cent (7 years ago) per page under percent plus expense. Travel cost would involve luxury hotels and fine dinning. I mean several hundred dollars for meals and then the client only sees is all lumped as "travel cost" and many poor people - the main client base - have no idea what resonable travel cost are. If we had to make a long distance call we entered the case cost code. They use software that requires legal assistants to log a cost code in for almost every task done on their computer. No penny is spent on a case that is not recovered if a win comes from it. People think "well 30% is not bad" (I've seen some up to 40% where allowed), but once you include cost it usually ends up being well over 60%.
Wow, that's very interesting, Bama! It's worse than I thought.
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Originally Posted by flo View Post
I never eat there, I can do without their mystery meat.

Commercial 100% beef is bacteria-ridden as it is.
So is the tap water (or well/pond water if you've had that) you've been drinking all of your life.

Originally Posted by flo View Post
I'm against class-action law suits in general. It's deteriorated to the point that that these days the participants end up with a check for $1.27 while the attys net millions. (think John Edwards)

Whenever we get a notice to join a class-action lawsuit, it goes in the circular file.

Agreed, hate all these stupid lawsuits that only make these greedy leeches rich.
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Originally Posted by flo View Post
My better half does too, DM! He never tells me he has eaten there but I see the debit card receipts, lol!

Taco Bell is one of my guilty pleasures! It's so gross but I love it!

White Castle hamburgers are another. They are also called Rat Burgers in North Jersey. ohmygoodheavens I love the