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Old 04-10-2011, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by KENTUCKYREDBONE View Post
Years ago I lived in a town up in Indiana that had a Huge drug bust! The guy that narced on alot of people (Among them was the local JH Principal) got more jail time than the ones he ratted out!
Sounds like maybe the ones he outed had family or friends in high places within the system to get even.

I hope Chael gets his act together and doesn't get in any more trouble so he can start fighting again.
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Old 04-10-2011, 12:41 AM
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Well everybody said that the Judge was the biggest drug dealer in North Vernon Indiana! That's been several years ago and that judge retired. I ain't been that far North in awhile.
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Old 04-19-2011, 05:04 PM
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***Sonnen update***

After a highly publicized back and forth with Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Keith Kizer, the onetime UFC middleweight contender will get a chance to clear the air in front of the NSAC later this month.

According to a report coming out of mmajunkie.com, Chael is expected to be placed on the agenda for the next NSAC meeting on April 27 in Las Vegas.

It will be during this meeting that the five member panel that sits on the NSAC will decide the fate of the UFC fighter and either grant or deny him both a fighterís license and a cornermanís license.

Keith Kizer has been very vocal about Sonnenís need to address several issues before a license will be granted for the fighter. While Chael was suspended by the state of California for PEDís his defense in that hearing was such that his sentence was cut in half. It was a victory for the Sonnen team, however his defense caught the attention of Kizer and now Chael may be in deeper water than if he had just left it alone and taken his 12 months.

The gripe Kizer has is that Chael reportedly falsified information about Kizer granting the fighter permission to continue Testosterone therapy that Chael claimed to be under. According to the Nevada Commissioner, such a conversation never took place and he wants Chael to explain himself in front of the commission.

Sonnen will need a majority vote from the Nevada panel in order to continue his career, at least in Las Vegas and the jurisdictions that support their findings.
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Old 04-19-2011, 05:53 PM
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i am sure he will get relicenced in NV ... he has to make a living and hopefully they put him on a card soon ... i think TUF is a bad idea for him .. he has had such a long lay-off, i'd say give him a can and then TUF ..
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