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Default Miletich Further Discusses Jones, Jr.

From MiddleEasy.com:

The coolest thing about being trolled by a guy that can so obviously hurt your face just by looking at you, is when you see that same person at another Strikeforce event, there's nothing you can do but idly sit in your seat and hope he doesn't troll you again. That's the last time we'll be interviewing Pat Miletich. Just kidding, people. That was actually the first time we interviewed Pat Miletich, and thus far 100% of his interviews are based on inaccuracies. We still love him, even though he insists on pranking us.

Ben Fowlkes of MMAFighting caught up with The Croatian Sensation to get his take on the Strikeforce/UFC merger, but more importantly, to see if he really had any intention on fighting Roy Jones Jr.
Roy and I actually do talk, and it would be a fun fight and he and I had joked around about it, but he's got a fight coming up in Russia, a boxing match, so he's busy doing the boxing thing. Would I fight him? Yeah, I'd love to. Would he fight me? That remains to be seen, but we've discussed it.
Ah well, at least we own the video that has been making more rounds across the internet than a perfectly geometrical doughnut orbiting the planet. That's right, even my analogies are congruent to my introductions.
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