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Originally Posted by REMY View Post
Flo - not saying i disagree with you, but it's not always "noting but the best for Gov. employees"...some cases yes, but not always. For instance, i'm stationed on a USCG Cutter (Ship) that's almost 50years old...and its life expectancy was 25-30years.

Like i said not disagreeing with you but it's not always like that.

(also, i didn't watch the video, youtube is banned from CG computers)
Yes, thanks Remy, I was generalizing and I shouldn't have. My dad was a 22 year govt. employee (army) and I have several family members on both sides that work in education. Growing up, we were never wealthy, to say the least!

I truly love the military and am very thankful for the job you and others do. Ditto to the dedicated and hard-working teachers like DonnaMaria.

I think my rant was aimed more specifically towards the mindless bureaucrats that seem to stop caring the moment they get the job; the people that enforce rules and regulations - no matter how ridiculous - rather than using a bit of common sense/compassion. And one of the biggest problems (as I see it) is that we can't get rid of these people, whether in education, DMV, Post Office, DoT, etc., etc.
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