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Old 03-21-2011, 05:33 PM
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Default Liberals Rue Obama’s Attack on Libya

From FoxNews.com:

“There’s a lot of anxiety from some people who see this as Iraq all over again.”

-- House Democratic aide to Power Play discussing Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya

There is bipartisan grumbling on Capitol Hill that President Obama, despite his denunciations of his predecessor for failing to further consult with Congress over invading Iraq, told lawmakers about his Libya attack plans rather than seeking approval or advice in advance.

While most Republicans say they would have given authority for the air strikes undertaken so far, there is growing concern on the right that the military, already obligated to fighting two wars, will be further stretched if the situation in Libya devolves. House Speaker John Boehner says he wants to know exactly what the mission is before the mission changes again.

There is deepening anxiety among Democrats though. While liberals generally appreciate the efforts to obtain U.N. blessing for the operation, there is unhappiness that Obama did less to consult with Congress about his Libyan attack than President George W. Bush did in advance of his invasion of Iraq.

Bush obtained authorization for the use of force from Congress long before the war and even before he went in search of international approval. The complaint in Congress was actually that Bush had sought approval too far in advance and that the situation had changed before the invasion (today marks the eight-year anniversary of the first major land battle of the invasion, the Battle of Nasiriyah). Later they would claim that they had been misled into supporting the war (Sen. John Kerry) or that they had assumed that Bush would not make use of the authority they had granted (then-Sen. Hillary Clinton).

Obama, meanwhile, offered only a perfunctory conference call for Congressional leaders after committing U.S. forces to a coalition strike.

And in weekend remarks during his family’s five-day tour of Latin America, Obama did little to clarify what the goals were in Libya.

“No one can say for certain how this change will end, but I do know that change is not something that we should fear,” Obama said in a brief statement.

Many sincere liberals broke with Obama in December 2009 over his decision to embrace the Bush doctrine in Afghanistan by committing 30,000 troops to a now open-ended surge. That disappointment has been reinforced by the current administration’s decision to keep the Guantanamo Bay prisoner of war camp open and to make use of domestic spying.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is one of those who have long lamented their support for Obama over establishment candidate Clinton in 2008. Moore jeered Obama via Twitter over the weekend writing “May I suggest a 50-mile evacuation zone around Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?”

But while the administration has long had problems with what former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs once sneered at as “the professional left” there is a new political risk from offending more moderate Democrats, especially those on the Hill, by a dismissive and disengaged strategy for dealing with Congress.

Having so pilloried Bush, many Democrats in Congress now feel embarrassed to be treated so cursorily by a president who once joined them in their denunciations of executive power run amok.

Whatever the coming hours in Libya bring, agitation in Congress, particularly at a time when Congress is looking for ways to save money, means lots of pressure to quickly minimize U.S. involvement.
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Old 03-21-2011, 08:40 PM
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Believe it or not, a CNN reporter crunched the numbers on what it would cost The Pentagon just to control the skies over Libya.......it was like $300 million a week. It will be interesting to see what this administration is going to do.
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Old 03-24-2011, 03:50 PM
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"Obama facing mounting criticism over Libya"


After listening to years of 'Chimpy McBushHitler' and 'No Blood For Oil' from these guys, it is oddly satisfying to see one of them roasting over their own fire.
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