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Default Bellator 1 fighter payouts!

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Bellator I Fighter Payouts
By Steve BarryApril 7th, 2009The FSBC has released the fighter payouts for Bellator I. Keep in mind, these figures represent the base contracted pay the fighter receives from the promotion, and do not account for taxes, insurance, and license fees.

There weren’t any huge paydays, but each tournament winner did pocket $25,000 for their victories, and will have the chance to take home $50,000 if they win their semi-final bout.

Courtesy of MMA Junkie:

•Jorge Masvidal: $25,000 ($10k + $15k)
Nick Agallar: $10,000
•Eddie Alvarez: $25,000 ($10k + $15k)
Greg Loughran: $10,000
•Yahir Reyes: $25,000 ($10k + $15k)
Nick Gonzalez: $10,000
•Estevan Payan: $25,000 ($10k + $15k)
Luis Palomino: $10,000
•Joe Soto: $25,000 ($10k + $15k)
Ben Greer: $10,000
•Tony Imada: $25,000 ($10k + $15k)
Alonzo Martinez: $10,000
•Jonathan Brookins: $4,000 ($2k + $2k)
Stephen Ledbetter: $2,000
•Lorenzo Borgomeo: $4,000 ($2k + $2k)
Daniel Morales: $3,000
•James Brasco: $3,000 ($1.5k + $1.5k)
Kevin Abrante: $1,500
•Moses Gabon: $2,000 ($1k + $1k)
Chris Decaro: $1,500
•Gary Padilla: $4,000 ($2k + $2k)
Daniel Sarafian: $2,000
A disclosed total of $237,000, including bonuses, was paid out to the fighters.

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Wow. It seems like unless they hade HUGE endorsement deals or were fighting at least monthly that it'd be hard for some of these guys to make a living doing this. I mean, im sure theres tons of guys that train for 3 months to make a couple hundred bucks. Kinda sucks. At least they still get paid to do what they wanna do. I mean, there are very few avenues for a