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Default Jerry Millen tells twitter world Dana was right about Fedor and M-1

From MiddleEasy.com

Back in September of 2010, M-1 Global announced that they had parted ways with Jerry Millen. According to MMAFighting.com the split was "amicable and M-1 was open to working with him in the future." Fast forward to St. Paddy's Day week and Jerry doesn't seem to be singing M-1 any heartfelt love songs. Who knows, maybe Jerry just overdid it on the green beer and Jameson's this week when he decided to air out M-1's dirty financial laundry twitter to a random MMA fan ( @Zoki_83 ) when the fan insisted that Dana White could never buy Fedor. Or maybe the split wasn't so friendly afterall. Either way, from the words in Jerry's tweets it appears that he is confirming what Dana White has been insisting for forever and a day regarding M-1's handling of Fedor's career and that M-1 Global is $15,000,000 in the hole. Thanks to a guy named 'nobones' over at the UG for posting this screenshot of the twitter conversation between the two for all of us to see:

Keep in mind though that Jerry is a former M-1 employee and former employees or former anyone for that matter, aren't always known for saying the nicest possible things or the most truthful things about their previous employer or the like. Think of it like the girl you dumped last week going around telling everyone your wanky is the size of her pinky finger. She's not a happy camper so she isn't saying the nicest things about you right now. The truthfulness of her scathing remarks can only be verified by you, her and those other four chicks running around the city spreading those same nasty things about you. So we can just say that according to Jerry Millen M-1 will sell Fedor out, they have lost 15 + million dollars and there are thousands of tickets still left for their March 25th event. I have a picture in my head of Dana White leaning way back in his chair, with his feet propped up on a massive desk made of tungsten and granite, grinning from ear to ear and saying, "I told you so." [source]
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m1 is corrupt? shocker lol. m1 and millen both suck.
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