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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
I give GSP credit for what he has done. No one can deny that he is great. I just think he is boring to watch now that he is afraid of being hit.

I stand by what I said earlier. if he shows up, he has a chance. if he wants to grind out a win, i dont think so.
i don't think GSP is afraid of being hit, i just think he has realized with a proper game plan that he can avoid being hit by being smart ... i think guys like brock are afraid to get hit ..

this will be a great fight .. i'd make anderson the favourite, but i'd be pulling for gsp to win ...
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Old 03-01-2011, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
I am really shocked..

I really REALLY do not like Andy... though his on screen attitude has gotten better...

I do like GSP...

but GSP has 1% chance of winning that fight..

Andy's head movement.. against people with a much better reach..
Andy's striking is HEAD and SHOULDERS above GSPs
Andy is bigger.. longer reach... longer legs.... and such..

Andy's reach is better than GSPs in more than just arm length... him leaning slightly forward...
Your entire analysis is based upon GSP striking with him????


GSP will take Anderson down at will a la Chael and GSP won't get caught in a sub or gas out.

GSP is the underdog but the fight can go either way.
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