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Default Fascinating Dos and Donts from The Law

*Be Holy
*Reverence your Parents
*Keep the Sabbath
*No Idol Worshipping
*Do not Harvest to the edge of your fields (leave some wilderness for the poor to claim free food) and is good for the environment
*No Stealing
*No Deciet or falsehood
*No lies
*No Swearing
*Give your workers their days wage prior to dusk
*do not be mean to the disabled
*do not lie under oath
*do not slander
*keep all cattle segregated to kinds (avoids interbreeding)
*keep all fields of one product only (avoids cross pollination)
*The first three years harvest of fruit trees to be left alone
*the fourth years harvest of fruit trees to be offered to GOD
*human consumption of fruit can only begin after five years of trees harvest
*no consumption of blood
*no fortune telling
*no shaving off your sideburns
*No trimming your biard
*No Tattoos
*Parents forbidden from earning income by prostitution of their children
*No Mediums
*Do not try and contact the dead
*Respect your elders by standing up (still alive in modern ettiquette today)
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notice how the bulk of the ot law is negation

whereas Christ summed up the Law via two commands
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