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Smile Review of "The International" Spoilers**************

The International is both very good and very bad depending on how you look at it. Filmed in some beautiful locations including Italy and Turkey aswell as America it posts far better a set then it does a script. In short, the film is an interesting morality play, designed to reflect the true nature of the fallen world, and comes with a unique and stark warning to the side of Good.

The Movie is centred around two federal agents who are convinced that Justice must be delivered to a European Bank, thats corrupt at a high level, dealing in arms in order to make a profit through debt collected from the third world who it sells to, with small arms from Communist China. Having such illustrious cliental it is no suprise that the bank is able to pull many strings, people who attempt to expose it meet with unfortunate ends. The Federal agents eventually track down the soon-to-be Italian Premier, who is one of two buyers the International are thinking of selling to. He meets them before a political rally and he present the Warning from a member of the "good" He explains that the bank is not only protected by itself, but other agencies and governments will also protect it because they can make use of its services when dealing with business that is in the interests of national security, vital and yet, perhaps not alltogether flattering. He announces that there is no bringing this bank down and whilst he is not decided on whether to deal with the bank in his upcoming Administration, this, he explains is the way the world works. Before his second meeting with the Federal Agents, he's assassinated at his political ralley. Naturally extremists are blamed, but this begins the Federal Agents on their quest for the Banks hired assassin. He, they fail to recover, he's set up by the bank to be killed in a shoot out when its revealed to them how close the Federal Agents have come...but out of three top brass within the bank, one, decides after being traced to at least talk with the agents. You then have the same message given as from the Italian Premier...but from the point of view of the "Bad" the message is, you can bring down a bank, but in order to do that, you must break the very laws you are trying to bring the bank to justice by. In order to catch a killer, one must be able to think like a killer, its the first step to killing the killer, and even if he deserves it, you've still brought him justice by the punishment he gave out as an injustice.

With the Italian Premiers sons refusing the deal from the International, they approach the Turkish buyer, who, whilst buying weapons to attack Israel, has already provided Israel with the defence system for those weapons, all in the interest of buying and selling, they may thus make war, creat money for their countries and be in debt to the bank. Whilst this is occuring the lone Male Federal Agent, who has decided to persue the bank by illegal means in order to bring Justice (he's been mutually abandoned by his Female Partner) is ready to execute one of the Banks top brass who reports that killing him will only free the way for further corruption to step into his place.

The good thing about this film is it makes you think. It makes you think about several things, firstly about the criminal corruption and terrorism that exists in this world, which we in society have seen a lot of since 2001. There really are groups who trade arms to back sides for profit. It also exposes the finanical climate of our times. The banks work on debt, on giving you more then you can afford to repay, so you end up under their control, never has this gone more horribly wrong then with the wall street wobble last Fall. It picks thirdly on the strained news of Government collusion in corruption. The British Government has been accused recently of deliberatley and knowingly being involved in torture, a grey area, unsightly and horrific to the populas on mass, a illicit and yet possibly justifiyable deed. Would the Government thus protect such an organisation that might help it to cover its tracks? that of course is the parrelle the film is making with the Bank...justice will never be served because the bank has more then its own protection system.

Finally, and most worrying of all...if you intend to persue your course of Justice verses a huge insitution who might have tentitcals in areas of other authority, how far will you go to get a Justice, the Justice system itself might wish not to issue for its own protection? Are you willing to go beyond the law to make sure justice is done...and then what Justice is there in that, for you have undermined yourself. The answer...sometimes there is no Justice...almost as basic a truth as the fact there will always be greed driven corruption in the first place. Sin, and noone worthy to Judge, Even the Good are sinners, and even their justice a sin if persued to far.
The faults in the film are basic. Not enough characterisation. The Female Federal Agent is only invlved in half the film, unfortunately during that time she tries to portray an unconvincing lover, a character of comedic value, and an amazonian women, she more or less fails at each. this however has more to do with the breaking of the film, first its in America...the next scene Luxemburg...Germany, Italy, Turkey, New York...and she aint the only one running to catch up. There is also not enough characterization in the Male Role, its obvious what it is he stands for, but thats assumed rather then expressed in the film, always a let down when such material is not specifically written into the film. It makes the relationship the viewer has with the Star far less personal and dare I say only skin deep

So where does all this leave us...well that really is a question....
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