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Default Apologetics Resources

For those of you have been wanting to strengthen your knowledge of the Gospel and need a boost with something a bit more advanced, here are a few videos and audio sermons that will strengthen your defenses and help you to better answer the tough questions unbelievers have about the authenticity of the bible and the existence of God.


Ravi Zacharias - Apologetics and Worldviews Pt 1

Apologetics and Worldviews Pt 2

Ravi Answers Atheists Pt 1

Ravi Answers Atheists Pt 2

God or Science: Stephen Hawking's False Choice

God or Science: Stephen Hawking's False Choice

Christ and Biblical Authenticity

John Dickson - The Life of Jesus - Who He Is and Why He Matters

Brian Edwards - How Do We Know The Bible Is True? (12-part series) - Exhaustive and Essential for knowing the history of the Bible itself and its unshakable authenticity. Includes:

"Why 66?", an examination of why we have only 66 books in the bible and how they were "chosen."

"The Authentic Christ", showing that historical evidence is indeed consistent with Jesus Christ as depicted in scripture.

"The Life of William Tyndale", who was the first man to translate large sections of the bible into English from the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

"Scripture Under Scrutiny", which firmly places the Holy Bible as irrefutable and supremely reliable by knocking away the secular claims of its falseness.

Science and Creation

Jason Lisle - The Ultimate Proof of Creation (4-part series) - A look at the logical and physical implications for creation presented in a clear and irrefutable way.

Dr. Tommy Mitchell - Modern Medicine and Ancient Authority (4-part series) - The medical evidences of creation. Fascinating stuff!

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Dr. James White also does a good job of refuting Islam, Mormonisn, Jehovah Witnesses, Roman Catholicism.

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Thanks Stormhammer - can't wait to dig into these links

You too Awretchedsaved

Please consider England in your prayers!

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