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Old 01-03-2011, 08:58 PM
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Default Finding a New Church

I thought I would give a brief plan. As some of you will know between 2005-2008 I did not really go to church at all, and between the start of Lent and Whitsuntide I was challenged by some people on this forum to look at local churches and to find one to join. I looked at quite a few and settled on Christ Church on the Stray, that was in the middle of an interegnum. I went quite diligently for a while, but when the new minister finally arrived I discovered we didnt get on, and the theological divide became one of a salvation issue.

My Sister Rosy is getting married in that church in June, and until then IF she wants to go, I will acompany her...but I shall also look for a new church. Each week I shall go and report back...excluding Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday which will not give fair representation of the church.

Several Churches are not included, these first set are because they simply lie to far away, I know I dont have the money or motivation to travel out as far as these

Calvery Chapel
Hampsthwaite Methodist
Harlow Hill Methodist
Jennyfield Evangelical Church
Killinghall Methodist
Oatlands Methodist
Pannel Methodist
Starbeck Methodist
Starbeck Mission
Saint Andrews Starbeck
Saint James Burstwith
Saint Roberts Pannel
Saint Michaels Beckwithshaw
Saint Thomas Killinghall
Saint Thomas Becket Hampsthwaite
Woodfield Gospel Hall
Woodlands Methodist

This second set of churches I am not visiting and I have the following specific reasons

Harrogate Elim Pentecostals (no thank you! the services are too long, the building isnt a church and I dont want anything to do with Invokations )

Saint Marks (cant do it, wouldnt be fair on my Father)

Christ Church (this is the church I want to leave)

Life Destiny at the Odeon Cinema (Erm I have my doubts as to how Christian this church really is, the name is just too offputtingly liberal and I think its the church my nosey neighbour goes to...awkward!)

Quakers (No, because I went there before and they host the Unitarians, and the relationship is too close for comfort, and their services too uncomfortable)

Saint Aelreds, Saint Josephs, Saint Roberts (are all Roman Catholic Church, I wont attend one of them)

So this is my plan of whats left to visit and when, I will skip a church and add it to the end if I end up going to church with my sister at short notice.

Jan 9th Harrogate Town Baptist Church
16th Bilton Methodist Church
23rd Bilton Grange United Reformed Church
30th Mayfield Community Church
Feb 6th New Life Evangelical at Cedar Court Hotel
13th Saint Wilfrids
20th Saint Johns Bilton
27th Saint Lukes (if I can find it, I know Franklin Church, but thats a block of flats now)
March 6th Saint Paul's United Reformed Church
12th Saint Peters
20th Trinity Methodist
27th The Weslian Chapel
April 3rd Westpark United Reformed Church

As yet undecided about New Life Ministries...it seems to be a Gospel Church with a Pastor who worked at Menwith Hill...but I'm not sure where it meets, or exactly what its views are. I might try it for 10th April.

Then I'll have 17th and 24th April off for Easter...and any overflows can be stacked after that...but all being well by the end of the Season of Easter I shall have started at a new church and after June I can forget about ever going to Christ Church again
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Old 01-08-2011, 03:40 PM
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Change of plan, my Sister wants to go to Church tommorow, so Christ-Church on the Stray will be the order of the day.

Harrogate Town Baptist Church moves to April 10th 2011 instead
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