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Default Excellent John MacArthur sermon on homosexuality


It's more of a Q&A style format, than a traditional sermon. You can click on the "Listen" link to hear the entire sermon for free. It's just over 53 minutes long.

Some key quotes:

When God abandons a nation, when God gives a nation up to its own choices, when, in a sense, He removes restraining grace, the first thing is they will become preoccupied with sexual sin. I see that in our own country in the sexual revolution of the sixties, in the Playboy mentality which is now dominates our public media. It's not just pornography, it's in the songs, it's in the magazines, it's in the books, it's on the TV, it's a way of life. The diminishing interest in marriage, living together is the standard fare. We have literally been turned over to sexual immorality.

Step two in the divine judgment is when a society normalizes homosexuality and they do what is unnatural. Men with men and women with women, Romans 1:28 says.

And the third step is God gives them over, having given them over to sexual immorality, and then step two, giving them over to homosexuality, gives them over to a reprobate mind. That's a mind that doesn't work, that's a non-functioning mind. And that's simply irrationality. And when you get there, there's no way back because if your mind doesn't work, you can't honestly assess where you are and you can't get back. And so rather than say we need to exercise some kind of...some biblical effort to kill homosexuals or kill adulterers, or kill murderers and bring Old Testament law on the heads of people, I think we are way at the other end of this picture and we have to say, what we're seeing in our own country today IS God's work and God is not turning this into a theocratic nation, God is rather unleashing His judgment and it started with the sexual revolution and now with the homosexual revolution and then the reprobate mind. And what the reprobate mind is, is an inability to think straight, where you begin to laugh at this calamity. It's the Jerry Springer show gone berserk. And I look at that and I see that as the hand of God withdrawn.
That's the church of Satan. That is not the church of Jesus Christ... In ordaining homosexuals, marrying gays and lesbians, having like the Episcopalian church - a gay bishop... That is the church of Satan, that is the corrupt counterfeit church
And I realized that the worst situation a homosexual could ever be in is to think that his sin is compatible with salvation, because that's deadly. He's worse off than a homosexual who has no connection to the church or to the true gospel.
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Excellent - everyone should listen to this.

Please consider England in your prayers!

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