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Default News for those who posted in this segment 2006-2008

A lot of the Regulars that posted in this section back then are not the same regulars that post here now, however, this relates directly. Between the launch of this section in the summer of 2006 and the Spring of 2008, I wasnt attending a church. Infact this pretty much served as my sole spiritual imput in terms of gathering with other Christians (in that time there were two Christian sections, (the theological stuff had its own section, until the two merged, also at that time the Christianity Section was the first on the list of sections to visit for this Forum, it wasnt originally put with the miscillaneous general category) Anyway, there were a lot of people there who convinced me, that even though I had suffered terribly at Saint Paul's Cathedral, that I really should look for a Church.

One of the first things I did after my Birthday in 2008 is visit a lot of churches, one a week, from then until Trinity with the thought of choosing the one I felt most comfortable with. Although an Anglican, I was prepared to worship else where with another denomination (except for Roman Catholic) and every week I put my thoughts on Video. Unfortunately that same year I deleted all those Videos because I was under the impression you could only store 100 videos on youtube without your account getting full

Anyway, I chose to go to Christ Church on the Stray, im not living within its geographical parish, but it was Anglican and reasonable High Church. When I arrived they were part way through a long interegnum, so the Church was being ministered too by Curates and a team of semi-retired priests.

I did not go everysingle week, but I went quite a lot and on my own. Then the new Vicar finally arrived, and at first I found him fascinating because he knew a lot about Church History, the Jewish, and he had come from a Cathedral Community himself, he had been the precentor at Derby Cathedral. I had my doubts though about his theology and after about a year I was not attending as much as I would have liked.

My Sister Rosy then announced that she was getting married and wanted to get married in Harrogate...Under the Church of England, she would be allowed to get married in any Anglican Church so long as some member of her family was living within its parish, or was working for a particular church. This meant she had several options. She could get married at her local parish in Leeds...but she didnt want to...In Harrogate she had the opportunity of Saint Peters (because I live in that parish) but thats the civic church in the pedestrianized zone in town and she didnt fancy that. She could have had Saint Marks because my Father is liscenced to that Church for work. But she chose Christ Church on the stray because it is the parish my Parents live in, and its picturesque.

The only suggestion is that she visit the church sometimes before the wedding, so during the summers, we would go quite often. I used to go with her as she isnt a Christian and didnt want to go alone. It was quite fun and I had hoped perhaps it would lead to her conversion.

Then one day I discovered that the Priest was not what I would class as a Christian. He is a Universalist, and whatsmore, he wasnt suggesting it in part, he was preaching it as Christian...and thats not right...even my Sister seemed suprised. Now My Sisters wedding is summer 2011, and I have decided that for her sake if she wants to go again regularly in the spring as is quite likely, I will of course go with her...but I am through with that Church.

I shall not attend it, and starting from January, on the weeks I am not going to it due to my Sister, I am going to re-visit churches in the local area and look for a proper church. You may think that I am over reacting...so what if the Priest has a different view on the afterlife...so long as you know the truth...well...I went through a phase ten years ago of believing exactly what he was preaching...and I believed it because I couldnt cope with the though of the lost being truely lost...but just because I find that painful, doesnt mean I have the right to re-write my own version of the end times where everyone including Lucifer, gets saved I cant risk emotional investment in that church because if things get bad, I may start to listen and be swayed by his arguments, because I desperatley would love them to be true.

Therefore if I ever hope to grow, or do more then be a member of the congregation. I need to go somewhere else dont I.
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I don't think you are overreacting. I respect your decision. You should be in an orthodox (small "o") congregation.
"Be of good comfort, Master Ridley, and play the man! We shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out."
--Hugh Latimer, October 16, 1555
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