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Default Who would win?

An eight man tournament with the legends of the early UFC would be impossible, but I find it fun to imagine ‘what if’? I imagine this tournament taking place over a few months instead of one night.

Steve Jennum, age 49. Doesn’t really belong on this card, but he did win the UFC3 belt. And of course we need at least one Ninja, for old time’s sake.

Dan Severn age, 52. The sum of this guy’s awesome draws a vector right off the chart. The oldest guy on the card, still competing, still winning, still has the epic mustache.

Ken Shamrock, age 46. Not sure what to say about this guy. Definitely belongs on the card though.

Patrick Smith, age 47. The original Mr. Highlight Reel, would have won UFC2 if it wasn’t for that pesky jiu-jitsu.

Jason DeLucia, age 41. He was so close to almost not getting his but kicked. Taught the world what an arm bar is, and not in a good way. He went on to be fairly successful in other MMA promotions.

Remco Pardoel, age 41. Two words: Orlando Wiet.

Marco Ruas, age 49. . The King of the Streets, regarded by some as the first true mixed martial artist in the UFC.

Keith Hackney, age 50. In a sea of grapplers, Hackney stood alone, mullet waving proudly in the winds of change. Using only karate, he knocked down a 600 pound giant, defeated a judo expert/alleged rapist, and tested the Champion.


Royce Gracie, age 44. Even in a fantasy world, there is no way Royce shows up for this one. With nothing to gain and a lot to lose, there would be lists of rules no opponent would agree to and demands for prize money no one could afford, anything to duck out without appearing to duck out.

Kimo Leopoldo, age 42. I don’t really like this guy or know anyone who does, but he is famous in MMA and is one of the guys people think of when talking about the old UFC.

Kazushi Sakuraba, age 41. I know, he wasn’t in the UFC until later on and did most of his work in other promotions, but come on, it’s Sakuraba.

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