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Default The Kingdom Season is upon us soon!

The Kingdom Season is an Anglican Season that finishes off the Christian year for the month of November right after Harvest. The first half of the month is spent on Remembering the Dead...the second half of the month is focused on the end times.

Now this Liturgical season is a relatively new season. The Anglican Liturgical Cycle is based on the Roman Liturgical Cycle, which includes the year from The Asscension of Christ, to the start of December as "Trinity" You can see that this accounts for a vast proportion of the full year. Now the Methodists called the same Season "Kingdom-Tide" because they used Trinity Season as a time to expound on living under Kingdom Values. So what the Anglicans did, was shortern the season of Trinity from the Catholics, and borrowed the name "Kingdom Season" from the Methodists. In order to have devoted time to the end times, and to honour the dead.

November was the month in which this was done by one off festivals like All Halo and All Souls, and Christ The King, so it made sense to develope the season around that.

The Kingdom Season is my favourite Liturgical Season, it begins on November 1st, which is the Feast of All Halo...and happens to be the day I got Confirmed...So its a really important date for me
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