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Old 06-15-2010, 08:27 PM
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Default Cro Cop interrogated by Canadian feds....


"The first day I was kept for four hours and two more the next day. Although they were not satisfied with my answers they let me go to the hotel in the city, to sleep. They asked me to think about the questions raised. I was threatened with deportation, but appealed to the Croatian Embassy. The Consul was urgently flown in from Ottawa, and the UFC hired the best lawyer for immigration issues. They obviously knew what would happen because my lawyer was on the runway at the airport! The inquiry was painful for me, but I must say that the Immigration Bureau officials very correctly performed their job. They used what they have to, but there are obviously very interested in the military and police matters from the former Yugoslavia. Most of them were interested in my military service. I served in 1993-1994 as a conscripts, but I was not involved in combat activities. They asked me if I was involved in the torture of civilians, asking for names of command lines and tactical commanders. They were asking for details of my activities in Lucko ATJ [anti-terrorist unit] which I joined a few years after the war. They gave me a list of names for me to confirm, but I did not do it. I can not confirm one name because it is still a matter of dignity and principles. I said to myself, ‘If it comes to it I am ready to go home‘. They could have done what they wanted with me but [in the end] they let me fight."
I am more impressed with his performance now honestly.
Would mess up a lot of folk's mental game.
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Old 06-20-2010, 02:26 PM
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Somehow, I dont think that they would have been able to break Cro-Cop...and being in that line of work, and from the country he comes from, I suspect he's been through much worse. I am suprised that the Canadian Officials raised it so late though...if the Americans dont question him when he enters their country, I would hazzard a strong guess that there is nothing the USA dont know that Canada does...so it seems a little bizzare to me.

If I were Fedor...I wouldnt be planning a trip to Canada, just incase...now he's entering Russian Politics...I'm not sure he should plan a trip to the United States of America either...They arent fond of Socialists there

You know Fedors party has political dominance through...interesting methodology so I hear...and that its alligned with Vladamir Putin...and that means the KGB
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