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Default United Kingdom on Verge of "Constitutional" Crisis

The British Government want to change the rules regarding succession to the throne...which is a bit odd, and all in the name of equal opportunities...its harmless really...who cares if you make it so the first born irrespective of Gender takes the throne, vs first born male over first born female.

But the British Government have slipped something else into the same Act that they are trying to rush through the Parliament before the Birth of the next Heir, about 8 months time...which is more problematic.

They want to allow the Monarch to marry Roman Catholics...something Banned by a document called "The Act of Settlement" which was the legal end of the Reformation....the Historic Vote passed under Elizabeth I who locked up half the Roman Lords Spiritual moments before the Vote so they wouldnt looose it

Now...Unlike America...England doesnt have a Defined, Written, Single document it calls a Constitution...but...a Number of Documents are considered the basis for what is called the consitutional Monarchy.

The First Document is The Magna Carta Libertatum, The Major Document of Liberty, which was Signed under King John, when his Barons bartered for their Rights in the 1200s...when you look at their list of greviances, and place it next to the American Declaration of Independance...its shocking that more then half the points on the American List, are the same as the points on the list drawn up from the Barons, half a millenia before. The Magna Carta outlines what a GOOD Monarch should be like in dealing with their Subjects.

The Second Document is called The Act of Settlement. When King Henry broke from Rome and Established a Church all seemed to be well, until he died. The problem with an established church is that the Monarch MUST be a member, so the next set of Monarchs were Roman Catholics, and they obviously tried to reverse King Henry, but then the third wave were Anglican again. its THIS that inspired the American Settlers to avoid an Established Church

The Third Document is Called The Declaration of Breda, which kicked off loads of laws about the Restoration of The Monarchy after the Civil War and the Protectorate failu