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Originally Posted by NateR
1. Yes, thousands were refused entry into the United States before we entered the war. Some boats were sent back to Germany, other dropped their refugees off in other countries. That's why my dad was born in Mexico, a small portion of his side of the family was dropped off in Mexico, the rest were sent back to Germany to die in the death camps.

2. I agree with you agreeing with me.

3. My biggest problem with the UN is that equal voice is given to countries that are run by dictators with no concept of human rights.
1) I didnt know that. Thats so very sad...I cant believe they sent the boats back to Germany At least some of your family survived, or else we would never have been blessed with you, and what you've done for everyone online here these past few years

2) of course you do

3) they dont all have an equal voice. Those on the Security Council have a bigger voice then those who are not. Your Country is on the Security Council, along with most of the Original Allied Forces...unfortunatley, that also means you have the Eurovision of France, and the Communisim of Russia...but then perhaps thats motivation for a ballenced a true perspective that takes into account the Global position of things. As for the Dictators...well yes they are represented...but unless your a member of the security council as a lone voice you have bearly a chance of even being heard...you have two options...shut up/keep shouting...or break international law...thus you force the UN to reject you all-together. (unless your on the Security Council...which the United States is...then you can break the law and get away with it ) besides, the United Nations has the power to endorse unilateral moves AFTER they have been done. When Two countries that were Security Council Members acted without the authority of the United Nations...there was little that could be done to stop them...and when they were successful, the rest of the UN later endorsed the moves...except for France...but like I said...its a lone voice...with France...it usually is anyway...fancy having all these countries in the same council...some of the most feirce enemies are on the same council and forced to coorperate

China, with the biggest population on Earth is a permanent Member, and to the Left. Russia as an Allied Force of Second World War is also a Member, unfortunatley its communist and had a later was with the United States, which is also a Member as an Allied Force, (even if they did come in late) and they are the Host Nation, for the Right, along with England which is Centrist/Right...and the Eurovision Group...France due to the increadbile Resistance...sort of..LOL These States have permanent membership of the council and a Veto. There are always Ten lower classed Countries that have like one or two year terms on the Council...at present we have Berkino Faso, Costa Rica, Croatia, and Libya, they are in their last year of office, and Austria, Japan, Mexico, turkey, Uganda and Vietnam have just replaced a bunch which finished last year. These guys wont hold Veto powers though I dont think...thats reserved for the permanent members only, its kinda a token gesture to make those other countries feel...well as important as the Five Permanent Members. They get there by Ellection of the United Nations General Assembly, they stand for two years, and every month one of the leaders chairs the Council...thats about as close to world dominance as it gets. LOL the dictator gets to spend a month chairing meetings about topics that effect his country, and he doesnt have a veto to stop the Council Five...your right Nathan..thats cruel LOL BTW...when I say "leader" I actually dont mean like the leader of the country...we're talking a diplomatic ambassidor, outside of some kinda terrible event. Even when George Bush went before the United Nations in 2003...he would have done so to place the case of his Country, which would have been sat listening to Him speak aswell, a Rep from the U.S would have been in the audience at his desk with a little plaque reading "United States of America" infront of him. So...its not like the leaders themselves are present at these meetings for the most part

Edit: Forgive me...its a Woman. Your main Representative for The United States of America to the United Nations is Abassidor Susan E Rice


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