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Originally Posted by atomdanger View Post
Hardy is a purple belt from Eddie Bravo.
a man who has NO black belts, NO world titles, no ADCC championships, etc...
in fact, none of his pupils have ADCC titles, world grappling titles, etc...
How you could say he is arguably the best BJJ coach is beyond me,
maybe because Rogan trains with him, and constantly talks about him.
Think for yourself.
Eddie (10th planet) has produced NO grappling champions, and no MMA champions.
Eddie himself has NO MMA creds, and NO grappling tites.

KOS has been training for nearly a decade (to Hardy's 3?) with top notch grapplers at AKA.
Not to mention his lifetime of wrestling, that builds onto BJJ very well.
I think it may be past your bed time. Don't be telling me what my opinions are based on or that I am influenced by TV rather than having my own thoughts. All the way through this thread your posts are filled with a desire to see GSP lose due to your hate of him rather than any kind of informed mma opinion.

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Originally Posted by pistol-pete View Post
He is not in the MMA class of Koscheck or GSP, but I do believe that GSP has transitioned wrestling to MMA much better than Kos, or for that matter anyone else outside of Couture. Couture sophocates with his Greco Skills, while GSP has perfect timing and speed to accomplish the highest takedown % in the UFC.
Even higher than Brock?

I know prior to Brock's fight with Couture, he was on record for landing 5 of every 6 attempts. I can only recall Randy stuffing 1 attempt and Mir not stuffing any attempts. Can't think of many people stuffing GSP though, so you may be right.
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