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Old 04-20-2010, 08:46 PM
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Default Best Year/Worst Year

I've only been alive since 1982...but up til now I can think of a few years that have been really brilliant, and a few that are really crap. I am sure that you can too...so...care to share
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Old 04-26-2010, 02:57 AM
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1984 i married my wife Donna....that was a very good year.
1986 was a very good year for me personally,i would tell you why but it might come across as bragging so i will just leave it at that.

1990 my Son Curtis was born...GREAT YEAR ! ! !

2002 was a very bad year...lost everything i owned and had to start over...it wasn't so bad though because it allowed me to find out who my true friends are.

okay now...who's next ?
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Old 04-26-2010, 12:29 PM
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I'm gonna have to organize mine by school years because that's the world I've been living in for the last 23yrs.

'03-'04: Senior year of HS = amazing. I was 1st chair in Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band, Low Brass section leader in Marching Band, we took straight 1s (i.e. perfect scores) at all our festivals/competitions & were named a VA State Honor Band, went to London to lead the New Years Day Parade. GREAT year!

2008: Spring was the end up my first senior year at college. Found out my advisor had dicked me over & I wouldn't be able to graduate on time, then my Gran died, then things just rolled down hill quick. MISERABLE year.

2010: Starting off pretty strong! Got a good Bible Study going with 3-4 of my closet friends where we get into really good discussions & really call each other out, got a job (finally!!), & now will be able to get back into BJJ/MT!! AWESOME first 4 months!
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Old 04-26-2010, 05:34 PM
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My Years are classed as either good, bad, or reasonable...with the exception of Annus Horibilis (worst ever year) and Annus Jubilaeus (Best ever year) these two titles might move as time goes on

1982 (Good-I was born)
1983 ?
1984 ?

Ever Forth and Onwards

1985 ?
1986 ?
1987 ?
1988 ?
1989 Good
1990 Reasonable
1991 Reasonable
1992 Bad (I was heart broken at failing my Cycling perficiancy test twice )


1993 Bad (Appendix)
1994 Good
1995 Good
1996 Good

Tridic Epoch

1997 Bad (Grandfather Died)
1998 Annus Jubilaeus
1999 Reasonable

Victim of Circumstance

2000 Good
2001 Bad (was attacked twice, student house fell apart, Grandmother died)
2002 Reasonable

VOC: Primrose Path

2003 Annus Horibilis
2004 Bad
2005 Good

American Dreams

2006 Reasonable
2007 Good
2008 Good
2009 Good
2010 (well its on course for being a bad year at present )
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