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Default The Rival Conceptions of GOD

This is the Start to Book Two which is called "What Christians Believe" due to that we can all set aside the critical comment that asks why hasnt Lewis addressed those who believe in polytheism

We also discover pretty quickly that the last book was not so much a well thought out and logical philosophy that led to a theology, it was infact far more a generalized form of Lewis and his own testimony leading to conversion.

Right away we discover the two types of "GOD" the One held by the Enlightenment Philosophers, who adapted what is known as Pantheism (which he also tries to put in the same bracket as polythesim, by saying, and rather unsuccessfully that going beyond the Enlightenment idea of GOD as clock maker, an impersonal GOD, Pantheism can also include the idea of GOD in all, like some form of Nirvana...that GOD is the sum total of the whole universe and inside each is a bit of the divine...which I suppose boarders on some types of oriental mysticism...but...in general very dismissively me thinks.

Then he talks about the monotheistic approach that GOD is interactive, and thus takes sides, has feelings and ideas of his own etc.
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