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Smile We have Cause to be Uneasy (Mere Christianity 5/33)

This Chapter ends the first book.

Lewis first tackles the subject of progression and makes some very good points. Remember that he is writing during the Second World War. He speaks about the fact that one doesnt want to progress if one is on the wrong path to begin with because in that instance, progression is actually further away the more you move forward. Therefore turning around and walking back IS progression.

Although Lewis is doing his best not to infer the Christian GOD, and he keeps reminding us of this as he systematically moves through his philosophy to get to his theology...but he also keeps making slip ups. For example, as the Moral Law is objective in terms of Good and Bad...that is to say that sometimes doing something Right and Good might lead us to harm which we would consider bad...it is not correct at this stage to infer that GOD takes sides, infact GOD is at this point no more then a mathematical equation in terms of right and wrong, that is to say that Moral Law is like a numerical multiplication sum...its answer is either correct or incorrect...but being correct and being right in terms of favourable is not really applicable

but then he infers that we know GOD made the Universe...now thats a big jump when GOD is only a set of moral laws at this stage.

He also says that knowing there is a Moral Law leaves us in a quandery, but actually, the horrid truth is, that it doesnt. People simply choose to actively ignore the law. He seems to infer that people knowing there is a moral law might move them to be worried that they are breaking it...but most people dont care enough to be worried even if they admit such a law exists.

Finally Lewis concludes that until one knows there is a Moral Law and cares about the fact they cant but break it, that Christianity is applicable. He tells us the Scriptures say to repent and seek forgiveness, thus if one doesnt realize they have done wrong and do not feel they need forgiveness, its mute. But the truth is BEFORE that line in Scripture arises, is the list of everything that human beings have done wrong. if one is able to read that, one is able to read what comes before that...therefore, one is choosing to ignore the latter, and thus the former. That IS a response.
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