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Default Cung Le and Pandorum Review...with spoilers

You know I first Watched Cung Le in Fighting when I was on a plane coming home from my Second American Dreams Tour in October last year. I remember seeing his very short scene which saw some nice choreographed fighting, of which he didnt get the better vs the lead of the film.

I remember thinking that if he is to star in a film again, I hope he has a bigger and more substantial role. He told me about Pandorum. Well I watched that this week. I will first give a short review of the film.

Its not a bad film in terms of action, but it is carried SOLEY by ONE MAN, who I feel does amazingly well considering the plot and script he's got to work with. This man, along with his friend wake up from stasis in an abandoned ship, and the lead goes through the ventilation system to open the door for his friend. Why they both didnt just go through the vents, we may never know. a THIRD of the film was wasted on this guy trying to get through the vents and opening the door. We discover on his way to open the door that the ship is inhabited by literal monsters...it is NEVER explained how these monsters came to be on the ship, where they came from, who they were. In every single encounter they are portrayed as unreasonable...except for one which I shall mention later.

Our lead then changes his mind on returning to open the door for his comrade, and instead decides to save the reactor of the ship. on the way he meets three friends. One is a cannable, who nearly eats him before joining his quest. One is the lover who speaks English and the only one along with him of the films known cast to survive. The final is the hunter gatherer who cant speak English and only wants to hunt...naturally, and somewhat dissapointingly, that is the role that Cung Le is squashed into.

There are several large holes in the plot. We begin with, asking, how did a ship traveling faster then light, not break apart when it hit the sea bed of the planet is was traveling to and lay to rest for more then 200 years.

Secondly, how with the above impossibility do we foresee that a single shot fired at the hull would cause a breach...and further more, that rather then a ship which is capable of going into space, simply shutting a few blast doors to seal the breach...does the ship evacuate its entire cargo of people into the ocean...regardless of whether this saves their lives or not

Finally...we see that only half the ship is submerged in this ocean, fair enough, its a generation ship, and we know the ocean isnt that deep because we can see land...but who in 200 years (even if its just the monsters) not think of opening a hull door when they could see light outside? and which ship, which is due to land on a planet with air, doesnt have hull plate sensors that would notice the addition of air after a vaccum?

Now...as for Cung Le...the part is not difficult to play, and he plays it very well, but I am dissapointed that they cast him in that role. I hope if he ever does a film again, he can play a true supporting role to the lead (of which there wasnt one in this film anyway)

Cung Le doesnt make it off the ship alive. After causing a destraction in the reactor room in order that the ship can be saved, he comes face to face with the only monster on the ship who seams to have the ability to reason logically. Deciding the unarmed Cung Le is a warrior like himself, he provides him with a spear and they both go at it. Its a match that Cung Le wins infact. All through the film he has been shouted at for following his hunter gatherer instincts, which drive him to fight and kill whoever is infront of him no matter what...even when the crew en route to the reactor discover the monsters are breeding and there are baby monsters...Cung Le wants to kill them...but the others press on. So when after despatching this warrior monster in some so totally out of place honour match...the baby reapears...Cung Le decides to ignore the one instinct that tells him to kill it. Subsequently lowering his weapons and inviting the baby to draw near...near enough to then slit his throat...and thats the end of Cung Le. LOL

In truth...it was a shockingly poor movie...but thats no slight on Cung Le...or infact any who starred in it. For what they were given they all performed well..but my goodness the script and plot were deplorable!
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